You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
In order to know the region of registration of the subscriber of any cellular network operator to take advantage of special online services, for example, In the left menu of the home page, navigate to Number Analysis Tool, and then you'll see a new menu section, in which you need to click on the top link – Number analysis.
Enter the phone number of the subscriber, the region of registration which you want to know. Note the order of the input digits begin with the country code, then a hyphen is prescribed three-digit area code followed by the telephone number. This sequence must be observed without fail, otherwise the system will not recognize the phone number and the desired result you will not achieve.
If you need to know the serving cellular operator in a specific subscriber, use the same sequence. Information is written in the same order also for home phones. Please note that there is a code of your operator you will need to enter the data is a telephone area code, that is, the number you need to know in the international format.
Since the system recognized only the three-digit code, and some cities often have more digits to enter after country code the first three digits of the ID numbers with a hyphen, and then enter the remaining number consisting of the first two from the primary phone number.
In all other cases, use a query in a search engine using key words area code or city, then find a table accessories identifiers to mobile operators or regions of a particular country.