Country codeusually is in the first three or four digits of the number. For example, 001 is the international code of the United States. Use the services of mobile services in Internet, for example,,мobilePhoneInfo.aspx or Enter the desired number, press "Send" or "Search" and get all the information about the country, region and mobile operator of the subscriber. However, to gain access to information, you first have to send a paid SMS-message. Fare for the service is printed in small print at the bottom of the page.
Consult the free directory of international dialing codes. You can find it on the page: Hit "search by code", select the code and view the country in which it is used. There is also has its own search topics to codes of cities and operators.
Make a request to customer service of your provider. Will notify the date and time of the call and number. You will be required to provide a printout of incoming calls, which will indicate from which country called and the services of any operator used.
Find the country from which the call was made, you can also manually using the printed reference edition. A similar reference can be bought in any bookstore. Country codes change infrequently, so the information is almost obsolete. This method of search is very time consuming as you will have to browse a large number of codes of countries and cities. In addition, in Russia it is registered more than 1300 codes operators in different regions. To choose the one you want will not be easy. Therefore, in order to identify the country by number better to use the above along with modern search.