You will need
  • - network cable.
If you already have configured the DSL modem through which the computer accesses the Internet, then disconnect from this computer network cable. Connect it to the WAN port acquired Wi-Fi router. Using the second network cable to connect the desktop computer with any connector LANвашего router.
Launch your Internet browser and open the web interface settings Wi-Fi router. Enter the username and password necessary to access the settings. Now open the WAN menu. Select the function DynamicIP. Locate the "MAC address" and enter the physical address of the network card of the computer from which you configure the router. Click CloneMACAddress. Make sure that the fields of the DNS addresses filled in with the value
Click Apply to save the settings. Now go to menu Wireless. Activate the wireless access point. Select the security type that fits you. Enter the password required to connect to the wireless network. Disable the Firewall, setting it in front of the Disable parameter. When working with a network "AKADO" it will only interfere.
Now save all the settings of the router and restart it. Re-login the web interface of the network equipment. Open the Status screen. Make sure that the value of the field "MAC address" is the same as defined previously, the value of the physical address of the network card of your PC. Check the IP address. If its value is currently, then click DHCP Release and DHCP Renew. In Russian versions of firmware they can be called "Refresh DHCP".
Now connect your laptop to set up a wireless access point. Open the settings of the wireless network adapter. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP. Ustaivayte the checkboxes next to the items "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". Save the settings.