Set between the computer and the routerOhm wireless connection, but do not connect the router to the external network. In the next step, in the settings of the routerand disable the DHCP server without this action you will not be able to connect to the routerfrom the cable ISP.
After that, configure the admin account – enter the account password that is difficult to crack the attackers.
Now change the internal address of the routerand inventing any combination of numbers which will not match with the available network address, and not within the range of working IP addresses of your ISP. Invented address of record and hide in a safe place not to lose.
In one of the four LAN ports on the routerand insert the Internet cable provider, and then enter the configuration of your wireless card network settings. If your network takes into account the binding MAC address, specify the MAC address of your card, knowing it to tech support provider.
Don't forget that every time you reset the routerand you should disable the cable provider. Install it back only after restoring all settings and disable DHCP server.