If your home is not connected to any of the providers you are interested check with the ISP technical connectivity. This can be done by phone. The operator will ask the address of the house and see if there's a way to connect you to the network.
When choosing a provider please note the connection, speed of connection, availability of flexible tariff plans. Gather information from friends and acquaintances, visit the thematic forums and read the user reviews about a specific provider. The time spent will pay off good and balanced selection of high-quality services.
Leave the application in your own name, please specify the exact address. Find out the approximate time of connection and carrying out works in your home. Prepare in advance a place where there will be your computer. At your request the Internet cable can be removed under the baseboard or into the chute in the wall. If the house is new, make all preparations for the laying of cable. You may need to drill the wall.
If you don't know in advance where you will place your computer, or you do not want unnecessary holes in your walls, you come to the aid of the router. This device will provide you with wireless Internet within your apartment. In this case, it is sufficient to hold the inside of the flat cable and to connect it to the router. Your computer (or several) you can connect to the router and surf the Internet from anywhere in your room.
After the technical work will be completed, you will need to connect to home Internet from your computer/laptop. Do this using the Wizard connections. In settings, choose "Create new connection" and follow the instructions. The username and password you will provide to your ISP. Install shortcut on desktop, and you can conquer the vast expanses of the world wide web.