Trademark stream ceased to exist in 2011, being renamed to "Home Internet and TV MTS". However, the old email address to login to the page's left is At the top of the site you can see the banner to go to the new website of the service Click on it with mouse.
Click on the inscription in the upper right corner "Entrance to personal Cabinet". If you have a login and password, feel free to enter them in the appropriate fields. If you have not yet registered, you can register immediately by clicking "Register".
A personal account allows you to manage services: to connect and disconnect various options to change the tariff plan, to track the movement and flow of funds on the personal account. To this end, the service created a convenient menu located on the screen and in his left side in an abbreviated form, for convenience.
The personal account page stream (Home Internet MTS) has a fairly compact structure, simple and understandable even to a beginner. However, if you still have questions or uncertainties, you can use the free Internet assistant.
Home Internet MTS provides its customers with various additional services such as free Inbox, anti-virus, hosting and building Applications for connection of main and additional services are usually submitted on the forms or by using queries. To apply or request in the section "Settings and queries".
Through a personal account, you can participate in various bonus promotions, allowing you to reduce your monthly spending on Internet and TV.
After working in the service don't forget to log out from my profile, especially if you have used someone else's computer. To do this, click in the abbreviated menu button "Exit" at the bottom. You can now close this page.