Advice 1: How to increase the dog's immunity

Dog, like people, throughout their life susceptible to infections. Immunity is a natural defense mechanism of the animal body from the effects of harmful factors and foreign substances (dirt, dust, microorganisms) obtained at birth and acquired after diseases. With the help of some treatments and proper nutrition can improve the immune system of the animal.
How to increase the dog's immunity
If your dog has lost interest in the games, became less mobile, is behaving abnormally (for example, hiding in a dark place), has problems with digestion, it tells about the beginning of the disease or a sharp decrease in immunity.
The first and most common way to increase the immunity of dogs to certain diseases is their vaccination, after which the body begins to produce antibodies. Depending on the type of pathogen, they persist for several years. Need to make regular Pets vaccinated against distemper, parainfluenza dogs, proviruses enteritis, infectious hepatitis. Contact your vet to vaccinate.
Make sure your dog gets a balanced and proper diet. As part of its food must be the required amount of carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals. If the dog is pregnant, you need to buy special food with a certain chemical composition that corresponds to its condition. One of the guarantors of a good immune system, healthy intestine, so occasionally pet needs to give a course of probiotics – beneficial bacteria. Buy feed additives, which combines the essential for dogs nutrients.
Regularly walk the dog from time to time make long walks, play with her, quenched her bathe. It is advisable to accustom to this way of life from puppyhood to strengthen the immune system.
Contact your veterinarian to he investigated the status of the pet and prescribed the necessary medicines. To drink means to strengthen the immune system, designed for a person, for example, immunal (Echinacea), an herb. Adjuvants without medical advice do not give dogs! Before taking medication, such as Ribotan, Gamavit, Cycloferon, Immunofan, consult with the doctor otherwise you can harm the animal.
Regularly deworming dogs (getting rid of worms) one or two times a year. Do analysis of any veterinary clinic and follow the vet's instructions. You may need to take special medication. Please note that they allow dogs depending on weight, so deworming should take place under the supervision of a physician.

Advice 2: How to boost immunity after birth

Often immune women after childbirth is reduced. This is due, primarily, with a special diet, lack of vitamins, excessive fatigue and other factors. Bring your body back in order and to improve the immune system can be simple and effective ways.
How to boost immunity after birth
You will need
  • - balanced diet;
  • - proper hardening of the body;
  • - timely rest.
A very important factor for the immune system is intake of vitamins. Pick the most suitable consultation with a specialist. Its composition must include vitamin D, vitamin C, B5, A, PP, F.
Enter in your diet more vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, squash, etc.) that will not negatively influence breastfeeding. These foods contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin a, responsible for the strength of the immune response.
Eat cabbage (acid), parsley, sea buckthorn, wild rose, black currant, lemon. Thus, you make up the deficiency of vitamin C, which is a guarantee for the production of immune cells.
To fill in the body of vitamin group To enter in your diet legumes, grains, cheese, nuts and seeds. In addition, these products are fortified with iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
Remember: after the birth to boost the immune system your diet should be correct and complete. Do not exclude from their diets dairy products, seafood, berries, vegetables and fruits, cereals and meat.
A natural way to raise immunity is lemongrass, Siberian ginseng, licorice, ginseng, and Echinacea. Infusions of these herbs to take as a preventive measure only after consultation with a specialist.
Enjoy a hardening of the body. For these purposes, great the contrast shower, douche, and swimming. Alternating low and high temperatures – a great workout for the immune system. After the shower, RUB the body hard with a towel or wet washcloth.
Do not forget about the rest. Let your body relax. Thus, you will remove the accumulated during the day, fatigue, and not let stress win immunity.

Advice 3: "Imunofan in cancer for dogs: manual

"Imunofan in cancer" - new peptide drug developed by Russian doctors. It has a regulating effect on the immune system, affecting oxidation-antioxidation processes. This immunomodulatory drug can be used to treat not only humans, but animals, including dogs.
"Imunofan in cancer for dogs: manual

"Imunofan in cancer: composition and indications for use

From constantly emerging new types of infectious viral diseases affecting not only humans, but animals. Etiotropic antiviral drugs are no longer able to counteract these diseases, especially when animals with weakened immune systems begin to develop severe complications caused by the disease. In this case, veterinarians recommend the use of "Imunofan in cancer" - a new an effective means of pathogenetic and immune correction therapy, positively affecting dezintoksikatsionnye function and provide hepatoprotective effects.

The drug reduces the synthesis of inflammatory mediators and increases the period of circulation of specific antibodies, contributing to the relief of the inflammatory process. It improves the immune system, and also connects early anti-tumor defense. Reducing the antigenic load, "Imunofan in cancer allows you to exclude post-vaccination complications.

One dose of this drug designed for dogs, is a vial with a volume of 1 ml containing synthetic Hexapeptide and excipients. Dogs it prescribe, if necessary, correction of immunodeficiency, increase protective forces of an organism during vaccination. A veterinarian can prescribe it and bacteriologically intrauterine infections. In addition, "Imunofan in cancer" is recommended to be used in situations when an animal may experience stress. For example, during transport or during the change of the feed before weigh-in.

How to apply "Imunofan in cancer for dogs

Dogs this drug is prescribed for the treatment of viral and bacterial infectious diseases and their prevention. The drug is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly and can also burrow into the conjunctiva of the eye using conventional pipettes. If it is used as prophylaxis, it should enter once, but only when there is epidemic danger, to repeat the procedure every 10 days. If the animal is ill, should be a course of treatment, introducing "Imunofan in cancer" through the day during the week for which the dog will receive 4 doses of the drug. In any case, it is recommended that before using the product to consult with the vet.

In these doses the drug is completely harmless, it does not render toxic effects on the animal body, and it is not necessary to accompany the application antidotes. But the use of "Imunofan in cancer" along with other immune-boosting drugs is not recommended.
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