If your dog has lost interest in the games, became less mobile, is behaving abnormally (for example, hiding in a dark place), has problems with digestion, it tells about the beginning of the disease or a sharp decrease in immunity.
любите свою собаку
The first and most common way to increase the immunity of dogs to certain diseases is their vaccination, after which the body begins to produce antibodies. Depending on the type of pathogen, they persist for several years. Need to make regular Pets vaccinated against distemper, parainfluenza dogs, proviruses enteritis, infectious hepatitis. Contact your vet to vaccinate.
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Make sure your dog gets a balanced and proper diet. As part of its food must be the required amount of carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals. If the dog is pregnant, you need to buy special food with a certain chemical composition that corresponds to its condition. One of the guarantors of a good immune system, healthy intestine, so occasionally pet needs to give a course of probiotics – beneficial bacteria. Buy feed additives, which combines the essential for dogs nutrients.
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Regularly walk the dog from time to time make long walks, play with her, quenched her bathe. It is advisable to accustom to this way of life from puppyhood to strengthen the immune system.
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Contact your veterinarian to he investigated the status of the pet and prescribed the necessary medicines. To drink means to strengthen the immune system, designed for a person, for example, immunal (Echinacea), an herb. Adjuvants without medical advice do not give dogs! Before taking medication, such as Ribotan, Gamavit, Cycloferon, Immunofan, consult with the doctor otherwise you can harm the animal.
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Regularly deworming dogs (getting rid of worms) one or two times a year. Do analysis of any veterinary clinic and follow the vet's instructions. You may need to take special medication. Please note that they allow dogs depending on weight, so deworming should take place under the supervision of a physician.