A vitamin substances are considered important nutrients not only for humans but for all living organisms. They regulate metabolic processes in the body are part of the substances that act as catalysts for various processes. Vitamins are constantly in need and our smaller friends. During ordinary periods of life dogs can get most of the necessary substances from food and the need for additional feed vitamins, usually does not occur.
But during pregnancy you need to enrich your dog's diet with additional nutrients needed by her body. The growth of the puppies requires a large amount of minerals and vitamins, therefore they will need to provide the dog if you expect strong healthy offspring.
A pregnant dog
In the first month after mating experts do not recommend changing your dog's diet. Conventional dry and liquid food can fully provide the basic needs of the body of the pet at this time. You can additionally add in eating a few raw egg yolks per week for dogs small and medium breeds and for large animals is the same amount every day.
The diet must be meat lean varieties of beef or lamb. It is recommended to add in food to the last weeks of pregnancy, because meat contains many substances that are needed by the body females during this period.
After the first month of pregnancy is recommended to increase the size of servings and go to three meals a day. Food you should mix a small amount of fish oil which provide the body's need for fatty acids. You will also need to use supplements with vitamins A, B1, D and e, Along with vitamin D it is necessary to use additives with a high content of calcium is necessary for bone growth of fetuses and their high strength.
When the dog is waiting for a big litter, a special need arises in the lactate and glycerophosphate, they should also be used as additives. But in addition to additives, do not forget about the usual foods that can fill the body with essential substances. Great attention is paid to the diet of dairy products, they should always be present in large quantity. They contain large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, these substances are vital to the body of the dog during pregnancy.
If you properly feed a dog during pregnancy, and frequency used vitamin supplements to enrich the diet, your pet will be much easier to move the birth she will remain strong enough for a full feeding puppies.
Dog feeds puppies