You will need
    • smokehouse
    • hooks for fat
    • the capacity for pickling
    • storage capacity
    • firewood from deciduous trees
    • sawdust (hardwood)
First you need to add salt to the fat. Cover them thickly with salt, and place in a container, cover with a cloth. If you close tightly, the fat may acquire an unpleasant odor and deteriorate.
Salted fat fast in 5-6 days it will be ready. Rinse off excess salt and Pat dry. Can put on the hooks and hang in the smokehouse.
Smoke better in a cold way. In the processing of smoke does not raise the temperature more than 20-30 degrees.
The smoker is done as follows: construct the furnace, from her dig the chimney 4-5 meters and insert the tube, over which the installed capacity for Smoking. It could be an iron barrel.
Secure the bacon in the smoker.
Copts deciduous breeds of wood and sawdust. The wood fire with one hand, so as not to create heat. Put wet sawdust (pre-soaked in water).
In two days the fat will be ready. At night, smoke can stop.
Store the product in the cellar, in a wooden vessel or suspended in canvas bags.
Smoking hot method is characterized in that the temperature of the smoke increases to a high level. Smoked 50-60 minutes. Salty bacon smoked has a smaller shelf life, so keep it better in the freezer.