Think about how you will be able to prove its solvency to the Bank without involving third parties. You can help the income statement. Order your accounting in your organization a document on the wages on form W-2. For most banks will be enough information for three months, but better safe and get help for six months. If you are working in this organization long enough, and fit more short term.
Collect the papers confirming the stability of your financial situation. This may serve the copy of the work book. You can obtain this paper in the personnel Department. The copy should be certified by stamp and signature of the responsible employee, and to date. Some banks may also accept as proof of your ability to maintain the desired level of welfare documents such as certificate of ownership of the apartment, the car documents and the passport with stamps about crossing the border.
Find out whether you need to provide collateral. They can serve as a property and in some cases a car. But keep in mind that if you own only one apartment in which you live, the Bank is unlikely to consider it as collateral, as it would be difficult to sue even if the repayment of debt.
After collecting all the documents, collect information about the credit offers that are available to you. Modern banking market is quite a wide range of financial institutions, which provide the opportunity to obtain the credit without guarantors. If you already have a Bank account, for example, that the salary comes, call the Bank where it is open. The existence of such a relationship with a Bank will improve your chances of receiving a loan without the involvement of third parties. in case of refusal of the application contact other banks, can even fill in several questionnaires at the same time and choose the most advantageous offer.