Contact the Bank, which does not require proof of employment when receiving a loan. Usually these options are offered by financial institutions for Express lending. For example, appliances on credit can be purchased if you have documents passports with them. Banks operate directly on the territory of shopping malls and appliance stores. Come to such a store and apply for credit. Data on the work, you can fill out from memory, without documentary evidence.
To obtain a loan cash find a Bank that is willing to give out no copies of labor books. Such applications will be accepted banks "Russian Standard", "Sovcombank", etc. They do not require proof of income or copy of the work books. If you can provide proof of salary, your task will be simplified. A large number of banks will agree to consider the application — for example, "investment Bank", etc. Also a number of banks will not require a copy of the work books at registration of the credit for tuition. You can not work at all, but it should be the guarantor who will be able to confirm regular income. This credit gives the savings Bank.
Come in the selected Bank and fill out the form to receive credit. Also passports need to be in possession of a second document — a driver's license, passport, pension insurance certificate, military ID. Optionally, you can provide documents confirming the solvency — income statement, tax Declaration, certificate of ownership of the apartment or the car.
Wait for a decision on a credit application. For the Express loan review of the documents usually takes from one hour to one day. Upon approval of the application, sign the loan agreement, reading it carefully beforehand. Will get a second copy of the contract and schedule of payments, and then money — cash or card.