You will need
  • - application form;
  • - passport or driving licence;
  • - INN;
  • - proof of income;
  • the guarantors;
  • - the contract of pledge.
If you get a small salary and are in need of borrowed funds, please contact any chosen Bank, where interest rates on loans minimal. A small amount of the loan you will draw two filed documents. This files most often required to show a passport or driver's license and an individual taxpayer identification number (tin).
While borrowing up to 100 thousand rubles, the Bank requires additional documents and issues the loan even to borrowers who have low incomes. You will be able to make the minimum monthly payment, just payment on the loans will be stretched not for one year.
If you need to borrow a large amount of money, you will be asked to submit a reference from place of work confirming seniority and income statement of the unified forms 2-NDFL or in the form of the Bank. If the official part of the salary you have a little, but the main part you get is in the envelope, the employer without much problems will fill you a certificate in the form of Bank specifying the actual amount of your income. But you will not be able to standardized official certificate form 2-pit, as no employer will risk in the official document specify the amount of "grey" salaries, which are not deducted the taxes in the budget that, in fact, is a criminal offence.
The credit institution may request an income statement of the unified forms. In this case, to get a greater loan amount, you can ask two guarantors with a high level of official income to sponsor you. Or to make a contract of pledge on the existing valuable property.
The Bank will be sure to return borrowed funds and give you a large amount of credit even in the presence of the minimum wage. In any case, the application will be considered individually for each borrower. If you have been issued credit and are bona fide payer, you surely will not refuse under any amount of wages.