You will need
  • - cable VDI-HDMI.
Examine the connectors on your TV and the system unit. Define the appropriate types. Remember that you can connect not only identical channels. To ensure the best picture quality transmitted to TV, it is recommended to use a digital data transmission channels, for example VDI and HDMI.
Select the connectors through which you will connect the TV with the system unit. Normally done by connecting the DVI port of the graphics card with a HDMI connector on the TV. For this you will need an adapter DVI-HMDI and HDMI-HDMI cable. Connect these devices to TV with video card of the PC.
Turn on both of the above equipment. Be sure to open the settings menu of the TV and select the port which will be the signal. Now proceed to configuring your computer's video card.
If you are using a TV without a monitor, you only need to configure the screen resolution. In Windows Seven click right mouse button on the desktop and select "screen Resolution". Set the appropriate resolution and click "Apply".

If you want to simultaneously use the TV and the monitor, perform the detailed setup. First determine which device will be the main. Click on its graphic image in the menu item "screen Resolution" and enable the option "Make this main display".

Now select the settings of the second display. To output the same image on monitor and TV select "Duplicate screen". To use these devices for different purposes select the "Expand screen". This will allow you to simultaneously run different apps on both displays. This function is used most often in the home.