Find out the cause of dampness. High humidity of the air in homes can occur for many reasons. In the low brick buildings, dampness seeping in the walls from the soil, also the reason may be that the roof leaks, failure of the watercourse. The most common cause of dampness in the apartments is not quite true behavior of the residents regarding the economy. No ventilation of rooms, fumes from cooking, drying clothes in the apartment and more leads to trouble with high humidity.

Contact the utility service if the cause of dampness is irregular, the construction and waterproofing of the walls. In this case, the lower part of the walls should handle cement mortar and improve the water drainage system from basement through drains and East pipes. So the same goes if the roof leaks - repairs fully lie on the shoulders of the management company.

Take swift and thorough action if the dampness in the apartment - your fault. To ventilate the apartment at least once a day. Cross-ventilation is capable of only half an hour to rid the room of excess humidity. Right otaplivaya apartment. Sometimes in your desire to keep warm, we heated one of the rooms more than other. In this case, through the small slit in the door in the floor the warm air penetrates into the adjacent cold room and cools, is deposited in the form of moisture. As a result, there is increased humidity and becomes colder. Try to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the apartment.

Contact absorbing compounds for the most challenging cases of dampness in the rooms. So, granules of calcium chloride are actively absorb moisture. Take 500 g of the substance, spread in jars at the corners of the damp room. The accumulated fumes from the air will accumulate in the Bank, with a slight solution. The room will be much less humidity. From the solution to evaporate the water on the fire, use a powder again.

Follow the preventive measures against dampness and your apartment to cope with the excess moisture.