Very often the smell of dampness is distributed on the first and last floor of residential premises. The reason for this often disabling communication pipes and poor roof. Over time, if you will not take any action in the premises can develop mold and fungus. In this case, bring the smell of dampness you get only after a major overhaul of the communications. For this you need to write an application to the local housing authority or housing and communal inspection.
The smell of damp in the bathroom, usually occurs due to poor ventilation. In order to derive an unpleasant odor from the room, keep the door open as often as possible. Avoid drying clothes in the bathroom.
Unpleasant smell of damp in the bathroom, as in the case of the bathroom, caused due to poor ventilation. Also, the cause may be a malfunction of the pipes. Spend preventive work on Troubleshooting. Find out from the neighbors on the riser maybe the dampness in the toilet occurs from-for malfunctions of their communications.
If the smell of damp coming from the linen cupboard, carefully read its contents. Usually, the cause can be badly dried stuff. In this case, re-wash clothing and hang it in a well ventilated area (balcony, loggia).
The smell of damp in the apartment can also occur because of the potted flowers. Very often the hostess is excessively watering the plants, which the water begins to stagnate, and in the room there is an unpleasant aroma. Watch out for the flowers and to avoid similar phenomena.
As a preventive measure, regularly ventilate the room. For this purpose open the window (or alternatively in each room) for 15-20 minutes, even in winter. In this case, you are not facing the emergence of a specific flavor in the apartment.