In most cases, the dampness in the bath room appears due to problems with the ventilation system. Unfortunately, to explore it yourself, without having the necessary knowledge and skills practically impossible. Therefore call the wizard.
Sometimes moisture helps to get rid of the special duct fan that will remove from the premises excess moisture. And the grille should be placed as far away from the door so that the air passed through the room. In addition, the door leading to the bathroom should be a special, vent.
Sometimes dampness appears because of the bad heating system. If hot moist air comes into contact with cold walls, then the process of condensation. If possible, you need to make the heated walls and floors.
If your bathroom pass the pipes with cold water, constantly deposited condensate. So they need to be insulated. It is not necessary to do it yourself, better call the wizard.
If your bathroom has a window, or a window, then try to open it and ventilate the room, especially in the warmer periods of the year. Thus you can get rid of moisture and smell of damp.
Watch the temperature of the air in the room. In the bathroom the temperature should not be below 20-25 degrees. With this purpose, use additional heating devices, e.g., battery or convector panel radiator.
In order to get rid of dampness during the day try not to close the bathroom door completely. And at night open them wide so you can ventilate the room.
In the damp in the bath room try not to dry the Laundry there, as this will only aggravate the situation. Better to let them dry out first, a bit on the balcony.