Purchase a dehumidifier. Devices for drying air automatically normalize the humidity and maintain a comfortable environment in the room. Pick a model with a high capacity of dehumidifying and auto mode – the unit is to maintain a certain level of humidity during the entire period of work.
Ensure good ventilation in the room. Several times a day to ventilate a room where the humidity exceeds the standard indicators. Arrange short-time drafts, but the intensity of the ventilation should be high.
Repair all faucets and other plumbing. Leaking taps, battery, and other designs increase air humidity, so replace obsolete parts or repair areas where there are leaks.
Reduce the number of home houseplants. Flowers and miniature trees to increase the area of evaporation of moisture in the room – the water evaporates from the leaves and moist soil. Give preference to plants that are resistant to drought and reduce the total number of flowers.
Organize a good system of heating. Heating in the cold season it should work all the time – intermittent (e.g., overnight) increase the humidity and promote the formation of moisture on the walls and ceiling.
Control exhaust equipment room. The need for installation of air vent is dictated by the norms of the humidity level – if the source of moisture is a plate with constant fumes or shower, the building exhaust structures is necessary. Ventilation should ensure the removal of exhaust steam and to regulate the humidity level.
Choose the "right" finish for walls. Considering different options for finishing of walls, ceiling and floor, prefer natural finishing materials that absorb excess moisture (drywall, wood).
Wet cleaning complete dry wiping. Washing floors, dusting and other household activities using water should be to complete a mandatory drying – walk on the surfaces of a piece of dry cloth with good absorbing properties.