Why there is dampness, it is clear to everyone. Dampness is the broken seal of the room. Just somewhere is excessive moisture, which has no possibility to erode. Dampness leads to mold formation. And the last is a fetid smell, feeling unwell in the morning, and repair nothing. Mold corrodes not only the Wallpaper but the plaster Vedas deep in the wall. What should I do? First and foremost, to quickly find the source of dampness.
Second, to cause its employees of the housing Department to check all air ducts. If the moldy place is found, it is necessary to tear the place Wallpaper, completely remove all damaged plaster, treat the affected area with a special product against mold, again to plaster, paint or Wallpaper paste. Can not hurt antiplesen to walk two or more times as it dries, and then plaster.
If the smell of the damp felt in a bath, it would be good to install there electromusical, which not only towel dry it, but also the air.
To "hide" the smell of dampness will help the powder of calcium chloride (СаСІ2). It is necessary to pour into an open container and place in the corners.
Also it will not hurt to install in the apartment an additional exhaust fan for thorough ventilation.
But all these means are good when the problem is inside the apartment. If a constant source of dampness outside the house, the job is only for employees of the housing Department. Don't hesitate to contact him. Remember, at stake is your health. Dampness joke with him will not.