You will need
  • Natural materials, moisture absorbers
One way to reduce humidity in the rooms – the use of heating appliances and special sorbents. However, this can have negative consequences. First of all, the use of heating devices leads to additional power consumption. Secondly, you should avoid excessive drying of the air as comfortable for humans humidity is around 50%, while lower moisture content may adversely affect the cardiovascular system.
Install indoor quality Windows. It is desirable that this was a two - or three-chambered double-glazed Windows. This glass good saves heat and also prevents the formation of condensation on the Windows. Please note that quality should be not only the glass but also the window frame.
Ventilate the room frequently. Leakproof than the window, the less it fresh air. It is best to ventilate the apartment three times a day for 15-30 minutes. At night it is desirable to leave open the window, for example, in the kitchen. This will reduce the likelihood of condensation and reduce humidity. Unable to install on Windows, special vents.
Provide heat free access to Windows. Try not to hang the Windows with thick curtains and do not put on the window sills of many colors. Nothing should interfere with the free circulation of air in the room.
Get a special moisture absorbers and put them in locations exposed to dampness.
When producing in the apartment repairs, use natural materials, such as drywall or wood. They are good regulators of humidity. Drywall absorbs excess moisture from the air, and the lack of moisture it again allocates by adjusting the atmosphere in the room.