You will need
  • water
  • bucket
  • soap
  • alum
  • brush
  • waterproof materials
  • fire bricks
  • heater
  • salicylic acid
  • alcohol
  • calcium chloride
  • cloth
First, determine the source of the damp walls. If the wall adjoins a water pipe, drainage pipe wires, sewer pipes, and they are in a failed state, you will achieve dryness, only by eliminating the defect.
Often the dampness caused due to penetration of groundwater, the wall in this case, it is impossible to dry. Therefore, take measures to its isolation, for example, waterproof materials.
During dry Sunny weather, ventilate the room as long as possible and often. Wait the onset of summer, then dry, papered walls, covered with mold, grease with the following composition: take 5 liters of water 1/2kg of soap and bring to a boil, then cool and apply evenly to the wall with a brush. Let the wall dry. This procedure is run several times while on the wall will not remain traces of soap suds. Then apply another composition: dissolve in 6 liters of water 100g of alum.
If the previous method doesn't help, get rid of damp on walls will help the following. Glow several new bricks and put them on a fireproof stand and put near damp walls. Do this until the dampness disappears. After 10-15 times change the old bricks on new materials, because they become useless and cease to absorb moisture. Sure that was not around flammable objects and never leave the bricks at night.
If your house is heated with Central heating, install the wall radiator. Daily put in a few hours the damp walls of electroreflection electric, fireplace, heater. In the damp corners put the vessel with calcium chloride. For reuse of calcium dry it, and shalt in a mortar, replace it can quicklime or coal.
Brown-green spots of mold that can appear on walls in damp areas, destroy, dry wall. Then one part of salicylic acid dissolved in 200 parts of alcohol and dilute with water. Water is necessary to take a little, brush the mold stains with a cloth. This tool also effectively prevents the appearance of new spots on the walls.