3 days after the person living together with you, ceased to apply fromleadI, see, a statement about its investigation to the police. Submit a picture of it. Specify in the application his / her name, information on place of permanent residence, work, study, special signs. Let law enforcement and other information known.
If during the year the person does not submit news about yourself or the police failed to discover his whereabouts, contact the court statement on the recognition of the citizen as missing. Request a police certificate, which must specify the number of search cases and provides a list of operational search activities carried out during this period, the law enforcement officials.
Point the application to the court. In the statement, specify the name of the court and the name of the applicant. So as usual positive decisions on such applications are accepted only when there are persons interested in it (for example, family, dependent for a missing citizen), please specify the reason for the treatment. Submit all official evidence proving the lack of official information about the citizen in continuation years or more:
- a certificate from the police;

help from the housing;

- reference from place of service, work, study.
Only by court order you will be able to write out from apartment of a missing person, but do not have the right to seize his property as long as the court in its decision did not recognize him dead. After that, his family will get the inheritance.
The citizen recognized by court as deceased if in another 5 years from the date of his disappearance there were no new information about his whereabouts. But if he disappeared under circumstances under which it can be assumed that he died or was the victim of an accident, you should be within 6 months from the date of application to the police to apply to the court for recognition of the fact of his death. People who disappeared during the military actions recognized by the court as deceased within 2 years from the date of disappearance.