If you need to plan the work of the preschool year, include not only the planning of work with the pupils but also their parents and all teaching staff.

Specify in terms of what the educational program is training in different age groups in your nursery. Note also what abilities and skills should have your pupils at varying stages of the educational process.

Schedule monitoring allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the program. Specify the expected dates and themes.

Specify the name of disciplines, planned to study for each age group. For example, you can include a schedule of "Logic" or "Sculpting".

Make the plan a list of measures aimed at improvement of children. It can be some tempering treatments (dousing with cold water, rubbing hard with a towel, swimming pool, etc.), as well as daily morning exercises and the adoption of fortified teas.

Plan a such sports as, for example: "Dad, mom, I - sports family", "Merry starts", etc. it is also important that the kindergarten had worked in sports sections and mugs. Reflect their function in the work plan for the year. All this will promote a healthy lifestyle in the families of your students.

Specify the document and the work of the circles of aesthetic direction. For example, you can organize on the basis of the preschool dance club, drama Studio or vocal group and noted it in the work plan of the kindergarten.

Provide also work with parents of preschool children. It can be not only parent-teacher meetings, but the conduct of the competition or various family holidays. Very interesting is the contest for the best pedigree (drawing a family tree) or the festival of talented families.

Reflect in terms of working with teachers. In this section you need to plan the certification educators, their participation in various competitions of professional skills, as well as advanced training in various courses and seminars. Check the plan and open sessions with students for their kindergarten and other preschools.