To complete the calendar-thematic planning, you first need to break the material into blocks. It is necessary to consider the burden on the children (number of classes per day, per week).
When planning it is best to assign subjects to classes time of year, calendar holidays, dates. So knowledge the children will be given in the system, therefore, information will be assimilated more successfully. In addition, thus, the children quickly remember the order of the seasons, the calendar date. For example, starting a new school year in September, you can spend the autumn theme through all the classes. Speech development will be enriching the vocabulary of children, its activation. Classes on manual labor children will practice visual skills, doing crafts from natural materials, applications, drawings. The physical education classes you can also use artistic word associated with the theme of autumn.
It is very important that all professionals working with children (teachers, teacher-logopedist, the teacher of fine arts, instructor FIZEAU and others) drew up a plan of cooperation. This will allow them to take into account the information given by the children in each classroom.
At the end of the school year you should perform an analysis of the implementation of the plan. All results for clarity, we can represent in the form of charts, graphs. The analysis will help to see flaws in the work, and to take them into account when drafting a plan for the next academic year.