The plan of educational work should include all educational activities are planned with children. Put the time frame of the plan. This may be an academic year, one season, month, quarter, week. The annual plan is prospective, week or day view calendar. The perspective plan may be designed as a grid, making there topics according to a certain program. In accordance with the time limits of the plan sets goals, objectives.
Determine the purpose of the work. The goal should be a specific result that must be achieved at the end of the educational plan and which can be measured. It should be stated clearly, succinctly, clearly, so that it can be checked, the goal must also be achievable. In General, the goal of any educational activity can be described as increasing the level of education, but such a result is impossible to measure. Articulate the purpose of more specifically defining it in accordance with the educational component of the educational process, if you are the plan of educational work.
To achieve this goal, you need to set goals. Tasks should be related to what steps, measures will you take to achieve your goal.
Determine with what regularity will be conducted educational work, that is, how many hours per week, day, month allocated for this work with children. Determine the number of hours of educational work for a period of planning.
In accordance with the purpose and objectives determine what types of work and activities should be used to achieve them. It can be games, art activities, work, educational or preventative activities. Activities also depend on the specifics of work with children.
Select the type of plan. This can be a text plan, the plan diagram, sequence diagram, file Cabinet. The type of plan depends on the traditions of the establishment or facilities for the caregiver. Complete the plan in accordance with the purpose, objectives, activities. Specify all these parameters, as well as the dates of activities, their direction and expected result for each event. Areas of educational activities include: work with the family, preparation for the choice of profession, community outreach, environmental education, moral education.