The territory of the kindergarten should be fenced around the perimeter. Some preschools are actively implementing the program of external and internal surveillance, while others are limited to the placement of the security at the entrance. In addition to the threats of the external environment, it is necessary to protect children from various life-threatening and health factors during the gameplay. In kindergarten must be a medical room and isolation room for sick children. Some gardens because of the financial problems can't afford a nurse full time, so after lunch, the Cabinet is already empty. This is a gross violation. Because caregivers are unable to provide adequate medical care, the health care provider must attend full day in order to avoid accidents.
Furniture should not have sharp corners, and its shape and height are selected in accordance with the age category of each group. Shelves with toys certainly are located at this level that the child can independently get any toy. Colors in kindergarten should be comfortable in the psychological sense. Welcome to the bright (but not flashy) colors. Kindergarten should be bright and clean. Cleaning services in kindergartens should be performed at least two times a day. Be sure the ventilation groups in sleep-hour. There are certain requirements to the quality of the food. The menu should be varied: cereals, soups, fruits and vegetables, compotes and juices. Meat should be of three kinds (fish, chicken, beef).
Modern kindergarten needs to keep up with the times and use innovative ideas in the educational process. The presence of the pool it is no surprise. Kindergarten should be a sensory room, a room of fairy tale therapy and study room rules of the road.
In the sensory room child with special subject-developing environment enriches your perception through the sense of touch. Different layouts with lacing and buttons develop fine motor skills and accustom the child to independence - lace up shoes, button up. Sensory room is a magical world, imitating the world of adults, where you can score the plastic a nail with the same hammer or poshurshat different bags with various fillers.
Room, fairy tale therapy used in modern kindergartens for psychological relief of children. Who better to explain to your child the rules of the adult world than a brave hero of your favorite stories? The room should be equipped with details for performances: theatre screen, dolls thimbles, etc., Some kindergartens for a total immersion of the child in the fairy tale world are doing in this room, the layout of the hut on chicken legs.
To study the rules of the road in kindergarten create a room that simulates a street with traffic lights, roads, intersections and pedestrian crossings. As cars use toy cars of large dimensions. The teacher disguised in the form of inspectors of traffic rules and in the form of a game tells and shows children how to behave on the road.
However financial possibilities and richness of the subject environment not had a kindergarten, the main condition for the full development and education of children is, of course, the professionalism and friendliness of the teacher of preschool education. For a long time the teachers played the role of a strict adult: "I'm in charge and you have to obey me!". Modern educators often use different roles, including allowing children to lead the process: "how are you doing? Teach me!". This allows you to foster children's leadership and independence.