Examine state educational standard in your discipline. When developing the training plan you should follow them, especially if you work in a state institution of higher education. In any case, to prevent the points of the plan of education stood in stark contrast to these papers, is undesirable.
Divide the entire course of your subject on a specific number of hours that are devoted. Next, each semester split into large blocks, depending on the main sections of this science. It is very convenient to build training, if you are able simultaneously to separate meaningful units from each other time intervals.
Use textbooks tested authors. Make sure that you had books to the most recent version. Gradually move to more detailed drawing of the plan. On the development of each section, you can allocate a specific number of training hours.
Shall describe topics that includes each section. Assign the degree of difficulty. Depending on the volume and difficulty of the passage, allow time in each topic.
Divide, give lectures, and that students can study on their own, after having discussed at the seminar. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to give consideration to the complex issues that need explanation, for learning without a teacher.
Establish a system for checking knowledge. It should include tasks for the preparation of the seminars that you will give to the students after each lecture. At the completion of a large section, it is advisable to give the trainees a test.
Make a table that will contain data about the studied subjects and the hours allocated to them. So you will have a clear form, which is convenient to adjust and Supplement. Leave two hours free. Then, if the plan a few moves, you will be able to use them.