Make sure that the function of the Internet in your phone at all. In our days it is not even in some low-end handsets with a color screen. Also check whether your mobile work via GPRS/EDGE/3G access point (APN), which bears the name starting with the word internet and not WAP. To obtain the necessary information on specialized sites or from the user to the phone.
If it turns out that the unit above requirements does not respond, get another, corresponding. Do not pursue novelties of the market. Perhaps for you and a used but functional unit.
Call support operator. Switch to the conversation with the consultant Name the model of your machine and ask them to send a message, the automatic configuration to work with the access point, the title of which begins with the internet.
When you receive the message automatic configuration, select the phone menu item, the corresponding application settings. Make these settings active by default.
Find out if your carrier service unlimited Internet access with a speed limit after you reach a certain amount of downloaded data. Today practically every region of Russia such services are provided at prices affordable even to people of modest means. With this service connect it without hesitation.
Running the built-in browser of the phone, the first thing to immediately download three third-party browser: Opera Mini, UC Browser and BOLT, as well as the mobile version of the Agent Mail.Ru. Further built-in browser do not use because it is inconvenient.
If you are working on content exchanges, don't part with them and away from the computer. Thus increasing the number of created articles, you agree to pay a monthly fee for unlimited Internet access on the first day.