You will need
  • - USB cable;
  • - Bluetooth adapter.
This problem is usually solved by purchasing a USB modem. The thing certainly convenient and useful. But not everyone knows that any modern mobile phone can easily replace the USB modem, because it has similar built-in functions. Select the method for connecting a computer to a mobile phone.
You can use the cable connect with USB port, or Bluetooth adapter. Please visit the official website of the manufacturer of your cell phone. Download software, designed for synchronization of your computer with your mobile phoneom. Most often are used for this purpose PC Suite different companies.
Install the selected application on the computer and then restart it. Run the installed program and connect your mobile phone. Wait until you receive the success message synchronization. If during the connection process on the screen of the phoneand a menu appears, select Modem or PC Suite. If you select "Flash card", the phone can not be detected by program.
Click "Connect to Internet", located on the main menu of the program. Set connection parameters, specifying recommended by your cellular carrier. In most cases the configuration is limited to filling in fields "username", "Password" and "access Point". Save the settings, click "Connect". Wait for the connection to the specified server.
If you want to use the Bluetooth for connection with phoneOhm, then buy a special adapter. This device connects to the USB port. Install the correct drivers, enable the Bluetooth function is activated on the phonee and connect to it. Do the same setup to connect to the Internet.