You will need
  • A BlueTooth adapter.
This connection is via a mobile phone. Be sure to configure the connection to the Internet on the cell phone and test it. Purchase a BlueTooth adapter. Usually these devices connect to the USB ports on the computer. If you use a mobile computer with built-in BlueTooth adapter, then the extra device you need.
If you are using a BlueTooth adapter, be sure to install the right drivers for this device. This will ensure its stable performance and successful execution of desired functions.
Download and install the program that allows you to sync your phone with your computer. Typically, these utilities are called PC Suite. To create them, manufacturers of mobile phones. Restart the computer after installing the application. Make sure that your BlueTooth adapter is working properly.
Activate BlueTooth on your mobile phone. Make sure that your phone available for searching. Run utility PC Suite and wait for the connection to the computer with the phone. Open the menu "Connect to Internet". Configure the settings in accordance with the requirements of your operator of cellular communication. Specify the user name, password, and access point to the network.
Click "Connect" and wait swsas installed with the server. Check out activity Internet connection by launching the Internet browser. If you ispolzute relatively weak GPRS and not modern analogues of 3G or 4G, it is reasonable to install a program that compresses your Internet traffic. Use Traffic Compressor. It will slightly increase the speed of access to the network, saving traffic. This method is particularly relevant for those who don't use unlimited calling to access the Internet from your phone.