To workout at home. a professional coach is not required. The main thing is to exercise regularly and strictly observe the right diet.

First, you need to decide on proper nutrition. Of course, to exclude all products with high content of fat, sweet and flour. Eat as many fruits which contain low sugar. Vegetables are also the required battery. It is important to focus on vegetables rich in fiber. Approximately 2 hours before bedtime should be the last meal of the day.

It is very important to eat food that contains maximum amount of protein. Protein is the primary building material for muscle-building. Plus, eating protein foods, you will lose weight much faster, because the digestion products of the protein requires an expenditure of large amounts of calories. This process causes the body to lose fat more efficiently.

Load in training should increase gradually. You must train regularly for at least four days a week. Better to pick 3-4 exercises and perform them with maximum concentration of 20 repetitions. The best exercises are considered all kinds of twisting. Exercise it is best to distribute the impact zones, upper section, lower, and oblique muscles all together.

Unique exercise Strap allows you to use not only the abdominal muscles, and entire body, arms, back, legs and of course, the press. Choose maximum time, which makes it comfortable to be in this position. And gradually every 2 days add 15-30 seconds. depending on fitness. The more water you drink, the better it is water and not carbonated drinks, tea, etc.

To achieve good results just need of cardio. It can be Jogging, training on a stationary bike or treadmill. The duration of such employment, shall not be less than 30 minutes. Because the body kicks in to fat burning after about twenty minutes of intense cardio.

In strict compliance with all the above recommendations to pump great press over the last month is not a difficult task. It's real. Be patient and persistent, and the dream of the cubes will become a reality.