You will need
  • - parts;
  • - documents for refund.
Remember that according to "Law on consumer rights protection" you will be able to return parts not later than 15 days from the date of purchase. If you do the parts did not fit or you chose it by mistake, and you want to return it to the seller, you have to keep up with deadlines.
Bring the documents certifying your identity (passport or driving license). Don't forget to bring a cashier's check that was given to you when making a purchase. Replacement part needs to maintain its original presentation, packaging must be undamaged. In original packaging and in the spare part (if need be) must be present trademarks and labels. If the part does not meet such requirements the seller may refuse to return the money.
Complete the product return form. Usually in a standard form for return should indicate the customer name, part number and name of item, quantity of the goods purchased, the cash receipt number, the date of acquisition and the selling price of the parts. Do not forget to specify the reason why you return a spare part.
Provide documents for the installation parts on a car certified service station of cars. If you buy an auto part is defective, attach documents to a work order for execution of these repair works the service station. Enter the details of the machine and the category of the work performed. You must show the certificate of the service station to conduct this type of work.
Present conclusion about the failure details and documents which prove your payment for work performed on tehstantsii. In the event of a dispute, the seller is entitled to take part in a test or examination, the results of which you will get a refund or refuse to refund.