Advice 1: What is a serious relationship

Relationships can be delicate and reverent, beautiful and high quality. But this does not mean that the relationship is serious. Even older couples can be very harmonious, but long-term life together in their future plans there.
Serious relationship
In a serious relationship both partners plan the long term. This is done voluntarily and firmly. Promises and obligations of both parties don't change, we construct simultaneous serious plans for the future. Both the man and the woman are willing to invest in a serious relationship all the resources and not fear that the investment will be in vain.

Signs of a serious relationship

The first and most important sign of the seriousness of the relationship is that both partners completely exclude the possibility of the emergence in their lives of someone else instead of the current one. "Replacement" options are not computed, and any existing fans or fans get enough of a hard failure.

In a serious relationship partners and see a picture of a possible future. Both are about the same idea what needs to grow from their current fellowship. Future prospects warm a couple of plans, is the first joint creation of men and women.

The determination to address global problems, like buying a car and housing, birth of a child, also speaks about the serious intentions of both partners. A serious relationship is always based on a family where core values are not the attention, compliments and expensive gifts, and health, child, reputation and ability to be implemented.

What is a really serious relationship?

Pregnancy, marriage license, and the overall economy is still not indicators that the relationship is serious enough. In a really serious relationship partners, not for one second doubt that you will live together until the end of life. Couple understands the true values of living in harmony with nature, man and woman do not hinder each other's development.

Serious minded young people do not look continuously at each other, wanting as much to be fed with love. These people holding hands and looking in the same direction, knowing that the future ahead, but near is a reliable and close person.

It turns out, a serious relationship is a relationship when two people in love form a single whole. Together they are capable of many things, they nothing to fear. They develop, instead of chasing power and prestige. They give each other their love, and do not require each other for more tokens.

Unfortunately, divorce statistics suggests that the seriousness of modern marriages is very small. What can we say about common-law relationships. It is important to remember that having a relationship alone will appear where there is love, pure feelings and mutual respect.

Advice 2 : How to understand a serious relationship with men

Perhaps the behavior of men is easier to predict than the actions of women. However, the strong half of humanity, too often resorts to subterfuge designed to hide their true feelings in communicating with the ladies. If you are not willing to remain in ignorance and want after a few meetings to know the true attitude of men, you will need care and observation.
How to understand a serious relationship with men
The first stage of the birth of a serious relationship – sympathy. Every woman is nice to know that she likes your new friend. If a man often calls looking for a meeting, seeks to be alone with you, you do, at least, interesting. Going on a date, note, the behavior of your companion in person. A man who likes you, will carefully listen to you, even if you are not too skilled storyteller. As you know, the men love with your eyes. Therefore, you should not confuse long admiring glances that are directed solely to your side.
So, things are progressing, and there comes a time when that's supposed to sound offer hands and hearts. Wait you this sentence or not, you can guess by the behavior of your beloved. A man with serious intentions will definitely introduce you to their friends and parents. His love to you also suggest frequent phone calls, the willingness to spend with you all free time. If need be, in love with a fan is willing for you to sacrifice important things (meeting with friends, a favorite hobby).
If all of the above in the behavior of men is not observed, there is a reason to think about his carelessness towards you. That you for it – just a passing fancy indicate some aspects of behavior. For example, windy cavalier may not once to postpone or reschedule a meeting with you thinking, at times, not too reliable explanation. Believe me, the problems of friends for the love of men is not as important as the opportunity to stay close to him dear woman. Therefore, such illogical and unnecessary behavior cannot be other excuses, except for serious relationship to you.
Another obvious sign that the man did not cherish you, - increased attention to the opposite sex, despite your presence. If he is not shy about being near you, looking at other women openly telling you about ex girlfriends and, especially, compare you to them, then nothing but low self-esteem, these relationships you will not.
Disappointing conclusions arise also in the case when a man shows complete indifference to your problems, successes, attempts something to discuss with him or ask for advice. Knight with frivolous intentions simply do not like to listen to you. Often, in such relationships the man you want just sex. Think about whether to spend themselves into soulless lover, or long time to continue the search tender, attentive, caring husband.
Many women to the last attempt to save the relationship, doomed to break. But if the man feels for you serious feelings, it is unlikely you will be able to permanently keep it near yourself. So remove the rose-colored glasses and try to mentally prepare for the breakup if your boyfriend calls you less and less, or stops responding to your calls. He often busy for you? Prefers to spend time with friends instead of meeting you? Openly leering at other girls? Your affirmative response to at least one of these questions is clear evidence of the futility of this relationship.
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