The interior of the Cabinet should be carefully considered. Traditionally, the front wall of the Cabinet is chalkboard with folding brim or screen. The regular school Board can be replaced by modern interactive, then there will be no need to equip the office with other teaching tools.
In the study of the English language must be teaching AIDS: TV and DVD player, music centre. They can be used to overcome a number of difficulties the perception of English speech by ear. But all this equipment can replace the computer. Although in many schools of our country, such training facilities are not available, but if they are, it would be an unforgivable mistake to neglect them.
On the free part of the wall place the reference tables and the alphabet. This exposure may vary, depending on the class and subject classes. The side wall (exposure) used to house the workers thematic and commemorative benches. However, the area of exposure should be reduced to the minimum required for multiple classes. On the same wall, place the country of the studied language. If possible, install in the office lightweight portable stands for removable visual materials.
Pay special attention to the arrangement of desks in the office, because the primary purpose of the course is still learning to communicate in a foreign language. Agree that it is difficult to communicate to the person sitting for the first batch with a friend who sits behind you, and even at the end of the study. So the desks are best arranged around the perimeter. Better yet, if the Cabinet is equipped with a large round table. Psychologists say that the "face to face" helps to remove the language barrier, stimulates discussions and Poliakov in English.
An integral part of the office of English language is a book Fund. He is a member and scientific-methodical literature for teachers and literature students. Free access for students must be dictionaries (bilingual, idiomatic, special), textbooks, exercise books, books for extracurricular reading, the translation works of English writers and poets, Newspapers and magazines in English.
Try to make the office of English language bright, but with taste. And the more effort will be invested by you in the registration office, so it will be easier for your students to learn a foreign language.