Depreciatory easy and painless way to get rid of the vegetation under the nose is to use creams for hair removal. Just apply this cream on the area above the lip and then clear. From antennae will not remain a trace. However, just a few days.
Sugaring, sugar wax apalachacola composition or wax strips to get rid of the mustache. There is also simple: apply the product on the "mustache area", gather strength, pull, usvoyte loudly and with feeling of deep satisfaction you grab your face. Above the lip will not remain a single hair, and the result will last about a month. After the procedure for the treated skin area be sure to use a moisturizer. Otherwise, it may cause inflammation.
Remove with tweezers or tweezers or epistemophilia electrically epilator with a special nozzle for the removal of vegetation on the upper lip. The principle of operation of the epilator tweezers and similar hair just plucked. It is quite painful, because the procedure will apply to the treated area ice. The principle here is the same as when waxing the hair is pulled out by the roots. The duration of the effect is also comparable with the duration of the effect from the wax or sugar hair removal.
Removal of whiskers in salenieki do not want to do waxing at home, then go to the salon. Salon treatments for getting rid of the mustache are varied and high efficiency. Most effective for more than one decade remains the process of electrolysis. The gist of it is that the bag of hair is injected with a fine needle to which is supplied current that destroys the hair follicle.
Slightly less effective laser and photoepilation. A few sessions is enough for the rest of your life to get rid of such out of place on the girl's face "moustache of a cavalryman".