Causes of facial hair in women

Usually, facial hair in women begins to emerge only after 35-40 years when hormones undergo drastic changes and the balance between testosterone and estrogen changes. But even this is not always the case.

In women under the age of 35-40 years, growth of moustache or beard is almost not observed, except for a barely noticeable fuzz on the hands and in the mouth, which often makes its way into puberty.

So why hair grows?

The main and only reason for the increase hair growth in women is to increase the level of testosterone hormone in the body. In the normal state in the body women testosterone levels very low, but under certain changes in the functioning of body systems, this level may rise. Therefore, the reasons for increased testosterone in girls include:

1. Wrong functioning of the endocrine system or the thyroid gland caused by the prolonged use of hormonal drugs (contraceptives or anabolic steroids, for example)
2. Genetic predisposition (observed in women in the Middle East and Latin America)
3. Ovarian disease
4. Inharmonious eating, violate liver function, respectively, of the endocrine system
5. Liver dysfunction caused by other diseases, infections or viruses

Doctors often observe that the "jump" in the growth of facial hair in women is evident through the lack of sexual activity: mild sexual activity increases CL-in free of hormones, causing hair growth of male type.

On the other hand, in women after 50 is often observed increased growth of facial hair, caused by decreasing levels of the female hormone estrogen. To combat this makes no sense - the aging process will not win and the mountains of hormonal drugs can incapacitate and other systems of the body.

Grow a mustache and hair on his chin and cheeks. How to fight?

If you are concerned about the aesthetic aspect of the exterior, and you want the facial hair stopped growing, then the first thing you need to be tested for hormones, as well as to make a full blood test and an ultrasound with just three treatments, you will be able with a probability of 99.9% to identify the origin of the disease and consider treatment with a specialist.

It is worth considering that hair removal is just struggling with a "symptom" and does not cure the problem. Moreover, frequent use of hair removal procedures can only worsen the deal - hair will Grubel and turn into stubble, in the likeness of men.

Be vigilant, take any medications only as directed a doctor and do not compile it yourself. Do not try to find advice on the Internet - use the services of qualified professionals.

Hormonal balance is an important component of proper functioning of the body and its violation can lead to truly disastrous consequences.

It should say that the course of treatment often involves some lifestyle changes: diet changes, decrease/increase physical activity or change in regularity of sexual activity. So be prepared for moral tension.

But after the treatment you will forget about what epilation antennae antennae once and for all!