Advice 1: How to get rid of bristle

There are many ways of getting rid of stubble on a man's face and the most common is shaving. This process is not turned into a painful torture, and after his skin was free of cuts and irritation, take note of a few simple and effective recommendations.
How to get rid of bristle

How to shave to get rid of bristle

Before shaving a person need to wash with warm water. If the process of removing the stubble usually gives you pain, rasparte face. In case of lack of hot water you can use a lotion before shaving, which will soften the skin and hairs. In order to reduce pain better to use foam or shaving cream labeled "for sensitive skin". If your financial situation does not allow you to purchase these funds, you should give preference to the cream and foam containing menthol. This substance will not only refresh the skin, but will cause a slight numbness.

Shaving cream apply with a brush and foam hand. Thanks to the brush, it becomes possible to more closely contact of cream with skin. Foaming gels and foams are not so good in contact with it, and therefore to improve the "diffusion" need to steam the face more carefully.

It is best to use a brush for shaving, made of badger hair. Product boar bristles are stiffer and can cause skin irritation. Before you apply the brush, it should be some time to take in the hot water to the bristles of the product became softer. Brushes need to be replaced periodically as over time they appear the germs that are in the process of shaving is able to get into small wounds on the skin, causing inflammation.

To purchase the shaver is not worth the spare money. In addition, it should not be because of saving as much as possible to shave with the same blade. Shaving should begin with the cheeks. To avoid injuries, shave beard in direction of hair growth. In remote places you will have to do these steps in the opposite direction – against of hair growth. In this case, it is particularly important to thoroughly cover the treated area of the face cream.

Finally should shave the chin and area around the lips. Here are located the most sensitive areas of the skin. The last place they need to shave in order to extend the impact of foam or shaving cream. If you encounter a cut you can cover the wound with a small piece of sterile cotton or gauze. However, don't forget to take it off before leaving the house.

How to get rid of stubble for good

If you suffer from periodic inflammation on the face, or are you just too lazy to shave every day, you can go to a beauty salon where you do laser hair removal.

After this procedure, the amount of vegetation will decrease significantly, and after a few sessions, hairs completely disappear. Moreover, this hair removal does not mean that you will lose other masculine characteristics. The hair on his chest, legs and back, rough voice, the potency will remain with you.

Advice 2: How to get rid of chest hair

The problem of excess hair on the body, oddly enough, affects not only the female half of humanity, but also men. Many men also do not want to have unwanted hair and are looking for various ways to get rid of them. Often men want to remove unwanted hair on the chest, and in this article we will tell you about how it can be done.
How to get rid of chest hair
You will need
  • razor, shaving gel, depilatory cream,hot wax, mechanical epilator, laser/photo hair removal
The most common method of hair removal for women and men is the use of razor and foam or gel for shaving. However, if you shave chest hair, this method is not recommended. Despite the fact that shave off excess hair can be quite quickly and easily after shaving, they grow much faster and have a more rigid structure.
A more gentle and high-quality method of hair removal is depilatory cream. Apply the cream on the chest, wait a few minutes according to the instructions, and then a spatula that is included with the cream, remove it along with hair and rinse with water. After using the cream the hair grow much slower and their structure thins out and softens. Before use check if you are allergic to its components, causing the cream on a small area of the skin.
Another effective method of hair removal on the chest — a hot wax or wax strips that you can buy in any store. Apply wax on the skin, allow to dry and remove with a cloth.
In addition, you can buy in the hardware store the normal epilator and remove it using most of the hair so that they will not bother you any more during the whole month. The disadvantage of this method is a serious pain.
Finally, you can choose a laser or photo-epilation in a beauty salon. This method is extremely effective, the result is stored for a long time, and its only drawback — the high price of the procedure depilation.

Advice 3: How to get rid of the irritation on the face

If you often suffer from irritation on the face, it's likely you have sensitive skin. Of course, taking care of a capricious skin requires kompleksnogo approach, it needs to be carefully thought out and delicate. So, how to get rid of irritation on the face?
How to get rid of the irritation on the face
For a start, you should figure out the cause of the Allergy, get a grasp of the composition as used vehicles. Alcohol, salicylic acid, as well as some fruit extracts and fragrances can cause redness and irritation of the skin. In order to avoid unexpected skin reactions on some funds, you should give preference to neutral formulations without dyes and perfumes, but also possesses soothing and moisturizing properties. Cream copes with peeling and redness, it can be used for any skin type, it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy. For oily, but prone to irritation ofthe skin m we can choose a moisturizing cream with predominant, but not the nutritional properties and the extracts of natural herbs - celandine or chamomile, for example.
You certainly don't need to wash with soap, even baby or the softest. The exceptions are special gels and foam with hypoallergenic composition and a neutral ph. Any other soap can weaken the sensitive skin it contained lye and destroy its protective layer, which leads to unpleasant redness or irritation. So, first of all clean the skin with neutral gel or foam. You may use a mild cream or lotion without dyes and perfumes that contain extracts of rose or chamomile.
Now it is time to wash the infusion of herbs is an effective remedy, as the grass is not enough that remove redness, and restore balance of the skin and its protective properties. What herbs are good for sensitive skin, prone to peeling and redness? First, this leather works well chamomile. This is a real panacea for many skin problems! In chamomile contains unique disinfectant and restorative agent, it restores the protective layer of the skin and perfectly struggling with redness disappears it just a few minutes. You can also wash decoction of parsley is a wonderful bleaching agent, soothing the skin. The series is suitable for those whose skin is dry or inflamed.
You can also make a soothing mask, for example, low-fat cottage cheese or cream. Also the skin perfectly soothes avocado, just take a very ripe fruit, carefully mash the fruit and apply it on your face. Rinse after 10 minutes with warm water, your skin is softened and soothed! Some oils - apricot or peach, for example, could not be better deal with irritated and parched skin.

Advice 4: How to get rid of cheeks

Full cheeks is a distinctive sign of youth and health face, the fat face is also less visible age-related changes. However, many holders of full cheeks, very often want to get rid of them. Today, there are many ways to do it.
How to get rid of cheeks
Measures of getting rid of cheek inherent in themselves the causes of their appearance, so it is necessary, first and foremost, watch your weight, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, straighten the neck, drop the head, and during sleep it is recommended to enclose under a head a small pillow or roll under the neck.
There is also a set of special exercises that allow to get rid of the cheeks.

Here is the first of these exercises:
Take standing or sitting, pull the spine and neck(high lift your head at the same time), and then make head turns alternately right and left. The exercise is done not less than 20 times in one approach and three to five times a day.
Exercise two:

You need to sit down and lean on the edge with elbows, then propping up his chin with his hands. Try to tilt your head forward, overcoming the resistance of hands and then try to relax. Repeat this exercise about 15 times.
It is also useful to perform a self-massage of the cheeks several times a day.

You can use two massage reception: l)move with a little pressure from your thumbs, starting from the lower jaw moving to ears; 2)how would pokolachivanii the lower part of the cheeks a light and rapid movements of the fingertips.
Good results can you achieve by applying the water treatments(including wraps). Morning and evening to wipe the cheeks with cold water, better special herbal infusion that you can make at home(in infusion may include chamomile, St. John's wort, mint, celandine, sage, or yarrow lime blossom). If you cook it at home, remember that 1 tablespoon is needed half Cup boiling water; infuse this solution to be 20-25 minutes. Don't forget that the infusion can be stored in the refrigerator for only three days.
Please note that the muscles recover their tone in about three weeks, so wait for the result before then is not worth it.

Advice 5: How to get rid of the irritation after hair removal

Hair removal – remove unwanted hair from the root. Very often, after the procedure of epilation, for example, wax or epilator on the skin irritation in form of redness and rashes. The situation is unpleasant, but not fatal. With the skin irritation after hair removal can be addressed.
How to get rid of the irritation after hair removal
You will need
  • - the lotion with alcohol;
  • - "Synthesis", chlorhexidin;
  • - "Panthenol";
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - aloe;
  • dry chamomile, calendula, celandine;
  • - alcohol tincture of eucalyptus or marigold;
  • - baby lotion, baby powder
After the procedure, wipe the skin with alcohol-containing lotion. This will kill bacteria and tighten pores. After disinfection, use any moisturizer.
Instead of alcohol, drying the skin, you can use other antiseptics. These include chlorhexidine, "Miramistin and the like. By the way, these tools should preferably be used after hair removal bikini area, since they are safe for the mucous membranes. Alternative to antiseptic solutions and alcohol-containing lotions – antiseptic ointment.
After hair removal apply to the skin "Panthenol . This tool is used to relieve irritation, heal minor wounds, scratches and burns. Apply "Panthenol-for irritated skin and leave it on for a quarter of an hour.
Use to relieve irritation tea tree oil. It is a magnificent natural antiseptic, soothing the skin perfectly. Dissolve 2-3 tea tree oil in 1 tablespoon of olive or any other vegetable oil, and then apply the mixture on the skin subjected to hair removal.
If you have aloe, no problems with the skin you are not afraid. Tear off an aloe leaf, wash it, cut off the thorns and cutting it in half lengthwise, attach to the area where the irritation.
Well relieve irritation herbal teas. Boil marigold, Daisy or celandine. After 15-20 minutes, filter the decoction, soak in it a cotton pad and apply on the inflamed areas of the skin. You can also use alcohol tincture of eucalyptus, or calendula.
Use to treat irritated skin a traditional "children's means – powder, baby cream. A really good cream with aloe or chamomile.
Useful advice
If the hair removal was carried out using wax and after it was irritation – this may be a sign of an allergic reaction. Do not be lazy and refer to an allergist.

Need hair removal in the interval between 12 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time the skin is less sensitive and irritation might be avoided.

Advice 6: How to get rid of the irritation on the feet

Irritation on legs is a result of injury to the skin when waxing or epilation. To get rid of this almost impossible, especially if you have delicate skin. But you can do something to minimize the effects after removal of unwanted vegetation.
How to get rid of the irritation on the feet
If you shave your legs with a machine, be sure to use only sharp blade. Otherwise there will be irritation on the skin. Do not forget to apply shaving foam, because in its composition has the antibacterial components. Do not replace the foam with soap and water, otherwise the redness will not be avoided.
Never peredergivaete on the legs and a special cream for depilation. It also damages the skin, causing redness. Always rinse it off a little before he expired the right amount of time (3-7 minutes), especially if you have sensitive skin.
After removal of unwanted vegetation in all cases, apply a special moisturizing cream after shaving, even if you use wax strips or an epilator. The cream includes special ingredients that not only kill germs but promote healing of microcracks in the skin and also nourish it and make soft.
If irritation is already there, then dilute alcohol tincture of calendula with water (50/50). The resulting lotion wipe your feet several times a day. Calendula very quickly reduces redness and promotes healing of the skin. The feet treatment lotion need to until the irritation passes.
Remove hair only from the skin – this will help avoid redness. Before the procedure thoroughly wash the skin with soap and water or treat scrub, if you sometimes grow hairs. Sensitive skin before waxing wipe with an alcohol based lotion and then apply the shaving cream.
Following these simple rules, you forget that annoyance bother you. If the redness continues to occur, think about hair removal in the beauty salon. The uninstall wizard will remove unwanted hair and treat the skin with a special lotion. Sometimes it is so cannot solve the problem.

Advice 7: How to get rid of inflammation after hair removal

Hair removal in any way may injure the top layer of skin. This procedure causes irritation, burning, inflammation and other unpleasant consequences. To get rid of them in the following ways.
How to get rid of inflammation after hair removal

How to treat inflammation of the skin after epilation

When inflammation of the skin after hair removal, you should use an antimicrobial outer tool is called the "nasal spray". The ointment should be applied to clean skin twice a day. Pustules typically disappear after two days, the inflammation goes away completely in a few days. Instead of "Levomecol" you can use "Dalacin", "Polivinoks", "Syntomycin", "Solcoseryl", "Miramistin". A good external treatment for the inflammation is an ointment based on panthenol, which quickly relieves irritation and helps to restore skin structure.

When inflammation of the after epilation it is possible to use and folk remedies. Well help lotions from the infusion of chamomile, calendula, that need to be done three times a day. With the same purpose on the skin you can also apply the tea tree oil. Two or three drops mixed with one tablespoon of any vegetable oil and lubricate sore spots.
Well reduces inflammation and moisturizes the skin aloe. Need to cut along the washed fresh leaf of this plant and applied to the affected area.

How to avoid irritation and inflammation of the skin after epilation

To avoid irritation and inflammation after hair removal you need to apply on the skin men's lotion (or cream) after shave for sensitive skin. Perfectly calms the skin and baby lotion. You can also use the infusion of chamomile or calendula. The appearance of minor wounds, scratches, redness after hair removal need to disinfect the skin surface with 70% alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol tincture of calendula, chamomile, propolis. Instead these funds can be used antiseptic tincture "Miramistina", "Furatsilinom" or "Chlorhexidine" is the most painless and gentle option disinfection. All of these tools constrict pores and kill bacteria. After this the skin should be lubricated moisturizing cream.
To avoid irritation, do not apply perfumes, deodorants and other cosmetics that contain fruit acids.

Recommended after hair removal to apply to the skin several times a day with special means to mitigate and slow down hair growth. If the hair is removed with wax, don't visit the sauna or bath during the day. After hair removal is not recommended to sunbathe for two days either in the Solarium or in the sun. After laser hair removal can not sunbathe for 7-10 days. In the future exposed areas of the body need to smear sunscreen.
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