How to shave to get rid of bristle

Before shaving a person need to wash with warm water. If the process of removing the stubble usually gives you pain, rasparte face. In case of lack of hot water you can use a lotion before shaving, which will soften the skin and hairs. In order to reduce pain better to use foam or shaving cream labeled "for sensitive skin". If your financial situation does not allow you to purchase these funds, you should give preference to the cream and foam containing menthol. This substance will not only refresh the skin, but will cause a slight numbness.

Shaving cream apply with a brush and foam hand. Thanks to the brush, it becomes possible to more closely contact of cream with skin. Foaming gels and foams are not so good in contact with it, and therefore to improve the "diffusion" need to steam the face more carefully.

It is best to use a brush for shaving, made of badger hair. Product boar bristles are stiffer and can cause skin irritation. Before you apply the brush, it should be some time to take in the hot water to the bristles of the product became softer. Brushes need to be replaced periodically as over time they appear the germs that are in the process of shaving is able to get into small wounds on the skin, causing inflammation.

To purchase the shaver is not worth the spare money. In addition, it should not be because of saving as much as possible to shave with the same blade. Shaving should begin with the cheeks. To avoid injuries, shave beard in direction of hair growth. In remote places you will have to do these steps in the opposite direction – against of hair growth. In this case, it is particularly important to thoroughly cover the treated area of the face cream.

Finally should shave the chin and area around the lips. Here are located the most sensitive areas of the skin. The last place they need to shave in order to extend the impact of foam or shaving cream. If you encounter a cut you can cover the wound with a small piece of sterile cotton or gauze. However, don't forget to take it off before leaving the house.

How to get rid of stubble for good

If you suffer from periodic inflammation on the face, or are you just too lazy to shave every day, you can go to a beauty salon where you do laser hair removal.

After this procedure, the amount of vegetation will decrease significantly, and after a few sessions, hairs completely disappear. Moreover, this hair removal does not mean that you will lose other masculine characteristics. The hair on his chest, legs and back, rough voice, the potency will remain with you.