The procedure, which you can get rid of unpleasant hairs on the face for a long time or even forever, is a hair – removal along with the onion. Through this approach, the hair grow slower, become thinner and in some methods of hair removal over time, disappear altogether.
Hair removal can be performed by using wax. This is easy to do at home. The wax is first heated and melted, then applied to problem areas and dramatically removed from the skin. There are also special strips coated with wax. They also need to apply to hairy surface and a wrench to remove. But this procedure is very painful and can cause irritation on the face.
To remove hair from the root by electrolysis or thermolysis. In the process of this manipulation, it is also quite painful, the hair follicle is exposed to an electric current. But in the first case, the destruction occurs under the influence formed in cells of a chemical and the second as a result of strong heating. Both procedures should be performed only by a qualified technician, following them possible complications: scarring, getting under the skin of the infection.
The most painless and safe method of epilation – laser. But is this procedure expensive, and to achieve the desired result, you usually need to spend several sessions. The laser affects the hair follicle, destroying it after several treatments, the hair stops growing forever.
Another good method of getting rid of hair – epilation. It is similar to laser, but the effect on the bulbs are not beam and high-velocity round energy lamp. The device captures more than in the case of laser surface - as a result of the removal occurs faster.
In addition to hair removal known another way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation is wax. But it is temporary. Following similar treatments, the hair grows back very quickly – literally within 2 days. Depilation can be done using a variety of chemical pastes, as shaving for women's face is not very suitable.