You will need
  • wax for hair removal;
  • - swipe;
  • - sugar;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - tweezers;
  • - 1 tsp of baking soda;
  • - 1 Cup of boiling water;
  • - sterile gauze or bandage;
  • - band-aid;
  • - shell walnuts;
  • soap.
Remove facial hair with a special wax. First, it must be melted in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Then apply a hot tool on the problem areas of the skin and press with the cloth. Wait a few minutes for the wax froze. Tighten the skin and dramatically pull the edge of the wipe against the hair growth. The procedure is painful, but bearable. Hair after this hair removal does not grow for 3-4 weeks.
It is worth noting, high-quality wax for hair removal is not cheap. However, it can be replaced by a more simple and accessible product – sugar. A small amount of sugar put into a thick-bottomed saucepan and melt on low heat. Add a little lemon juice, stir well. Use the solution in exactly the same way as wax. Minus these two ways to get rid of hair is necessary when their length is not less than 5 mm.
On a small area of skin, for example, above the upper lip or between the eyebrows, the hair can be plucked with tweezers. To remove the hair this way, be careful not to damage the bulb. Otherwise later the hairs will start to grow faster and thicker.
Remove the facial hair and using baking soda. Fill it with boiling water, stir until dissolved and wait until it have cooled. Then soak in a solution of gauze or bandage and apply to the place with unwanted hair. So the gauze didn't fall, fix it with adhesive tape. To do this compress better at night, so as to keep it, you need 7-8 hours. After 3-5 treatments, the facial hair will easily fall away.
Walnut ash can also help to get rid of facial hair. Collect the shell a few walnuts and burn. Ash cover with boiling water to make a thick paste. Let it stand for 12 hours. Then mix with a small amount of liquid soap, so a lot more convenient to apply to the skin. To use this mask you need 3 times a day and keep for 30 minutes.
You can trust yourself in the hands of professionals and to remove the hair at the beauty salon. Today, cosmetologists propose to get rid of facial hair with different methods. For example, one of the most effective methods is electrolysis. The procedure is very painful, but it destroys the root of the hair and after 6-7 treatments the hair ceases to grow. There are also painless methods of photo - and laser hair removal.