Prepare tools. The hypodermic needle is suitable for small (up to 2 ml), thin, short needle of the smallest diameter.
Fill the syringe the drug from the ampoule or vial. Some drugs are available immediately in the syringe.
Determine the place where you will inject the drug. For subcutaneous injections the most suitable the outer part of the shoulder to the shoulder blade, outer thigh and the stomach. In these places the minimum danger to get into a blood vessel or hit a nerve.
It is impossible to do a subcutaneous injection in a location where there is swelling or there were seals from previous injections.
Wash your hands (can even handle their alcohol) or wear gloves.
The injection site carefully apply rubbing alcohol. First, the area is more, then the place of injection. It is desirable to use two different cotton ball with alcohol. Another cotton swab with alcohol take in the left hand (it will be useful for the treatment of the skin after injection).
Take a syringe (the second finger holds the needle cannula, the fifth plunger of the syringe, the third and fourth fingers supporting the syringe from below and the thumb above).
Left hand pull the skin to form a crease in the shape of a triangle (apex down).
Release the air from the syringe (if available) before the first drops of the drug.
At the base of the skin fold insert the needle at a sharp angle about two-thirds of its length. Some drugs are injected deeper under the skin, this is usually indicated in the instructions to the drug. Then the needle should enter fully.
Left hand push down the piston (the syringe from right-handed to left shift), and slowly inject the medication.
Carefully remove the needle and hold it over the base.
The injection site is press alcohol-saturated cotton ball.
You can make a small massage place of injection, without removing the wool.