Try to find a mate, to put an injection to the rat. Because the animal is small enough and nimble, so you can get right into the muscle alone can be problematic. Ideally, your helper should take the rat in his hands to his snout and tail to you. The tail should be towards the person who puts the shot.
как делать внутри мышечные инъекции собаке
Is better to cover the rat eyes, then she will be less nervous and jerky. Animal have to place it on a stable surface - most importantly, never do a injection on weight. Intramuscular injection is the rat, usually in the foot. Subcutaneous usually put in the withers.
как сделать внутримышечный укол кошке
Prepare the skin surface for the procedure - wipe or alcohol pad or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Pull the paw of rats and put a shot into the thickest part of the thigh. The syringe is enter in the direction against the grain, but do not get carried away: the needle should not go too far. Another rule of medication administration - do it slowly, because in the case of a sharp injection of the animal can receive pain.
как делать укол коту
Under the shoulder shot is the same way, and intramuscularly. Pull the skin on the withers and gently insert the needle. Do not forget about the slow introduction of the drug. If the injection of medication will be the seal, do not be afraid. A little massage this place, and the seal will dissolve.
в какое место сбаке ставить укол
Pay special attention to the choice of syringe. Due to the fact that the rat is an animal of small size, and quantity prescribed her medicinal product is equal to tenths of a milligram. In this regard, the syringes should be small. Typically, injections of this kind choose so-called insulin syringes. They are thin in body and in the needle. This means that the animal's skin will be less injured.
как выбрать котенка
Don't forget to purchase in advance a sufficient number of syringes. This is due to the fact that rats usually administered twice or three times the introduction of the drug per day. However, some veterinarians say that it is possible to use the same syringe. But only if the shot you are doing with one drug and one rat.