Advice 1: How to make injections aloe

Aloe Vera injections is prescribed to improve blood circulation and stimulate the tissues to repair, and in diseases of the eye, female reproduction system, ulcers of the digestive system, bronchial asthma. How to put injections aloe?
How to make injections aloe
You will need
  • a syringe;
  • - wool and rubbing alcohol;
  • - ampoule with aloe extract.
Check the compatibility of aloe extract with the body of the man, which you will put the injection. This should be done only before the first injection. Apply a little bit of aloe juice or extract from the ampoule to the inner side of the elbow. If in place of the sample will not have an allergic reaction or redness, you can set shots.
A shot of aloe is done 1 time per day. Adult dosage of 1 ml for two months. For children under 5 years of age shall normally 0.2-0.3 ml of extract, 5 to 10 years – 0.5 ml. Since the injection of aloe Vera is quite painful, the injection site can pre-enter the novocaine. Most often, the extract is administered subcutaneously in the abdomen or the outer part of the shoulder. Before you start check on the ampoules name and expiration date of medication.
Wash your hands or wear medical gloves. Shake the ampule or tap on its tip, to cure the glass down. Will nodelete a vial with a special nail file and break off the tip. To avoid injury, it can be wrapped with a napkin. Dial aloe extract into the syringe, lift the needle up and push the piston the air trapped inside.
Treat the injection site with rubbing alcohol, preferably two times – first a large area, then the place where you will put the injection. Hold syringe in right hand, left collect the skin fold of triangular shape. Holding the index finger of the plastic cannula of the needle, and inject it into the base of the fold at an angle of 45 degrees to a depth of approximately 2/3 the length of the needle. Slowly inject the medication. The injection site apply a cotton swab with alcohol.
Please note contraindications. Injections of aloe extract it is prohibited to make pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or suffering from diseases of heart, vessels and kidneys.

But in any case, to start the injections on yourself or anyone is not necessary – consult your doctor.

Advice 2: How to place subcutaneous injection

Some types of drugs administered subcutaneously, so it is possible to avoid more painful intramuscular injections. To inject the drug into the skin does not hurt, because it has small density. Subcutaneous injections can be set independently after the consultation with the doctor and the appointment of the drug and injected doses. Pre-buy injectable syringes and alcohol solution.
How to place subcutaneous injection
Wash hands with soap and rinse thoroughly. Hospitals usually wear gloves, but it's not necessary, unless of course you put a shot themselves. If you injected another person, it is better to put on sterile gloves.
Carefully open the ampoule and draw up the medicine. Put the tip on the syringe and put aside, but be careful not to drop it on the floor. Each time use a new syringe, an old can develop bacteria and boil it.
Treat skin disinfectant such as alcohol or any liqueur that has a strength of more than 70 turns. Wipe not only the place of direct injection, and a more extensive part of the skin.
If you put a shot to another person, to put in hand. And if yourself in the stomach. Fold the two fingers of the free hand, and safely insert the needle at an angle of 40-50 degrees to a depth of 3-4 mm. Gradually mix the cure and apply with a cotton swab, but don't squeeze, otherwise it can get damaged with a needle through the skin.

Advice 3: How to put the shot in the shoulder

In the case of illness we also need to trust the professionals: doctors and nurses. Some diagnosed, and the second will fulfil all the prescribed procedures: bring pills, measure temperature, make the shots. But sometimes there are situations when the rate of injections should be done manually.
How to put the shot in the shoulder
Medications in the shoulder is introduced into the outer surface, as there are a large number of blood vessels and nerves under the skin, and in the crease here she is easy-going. In the shoulder, you can do subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. Before you give an injection, prepare everything you need: disposable gloves, medical alcohol, cotton wool, disposable syringe and medication.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and put on sterile gloves. Prepare the drug for injection. If it is in a sealed vial, remove the protective cap and wipe rubber stopper with alcohol. Then right across the cover type medicine.
A cotton swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the surface of the skin. It is better to use several swabs to wipe the first large surface, and the second a smaller, direct injection site, and a third dry swab, hold the little finger of the left hand (for lefties it will be the right hand).
Remove the needle cap and take in handed the syringe so that it successfully put pressure on the piston. Usually it is clamped between the index and middle finger, while your index finger rests on the needle cannula and the thumb on top of the cylinder.
Mentally divide the shoulder horizontal lines into three parts and the second hand, in which is clamped a cotton swab, gather a fold of skin in the middle part. Should be formed a triangle, facing the base down.
A sharp hand movement insert the needle at a 45° angle to the base of the folds are 1-2 mm deep. Release the fold of skin and release the hand, press the plunger and inject the medication. The site of the injection press with a dry cotton swab and remove the needle.
When performing intramuscular injections in the working hand, hold the syringe with medicine and with your free hand stretch the skin at the injection site. Insert the needle at a right angle at 2/3 of its length and by pressing the plunger, inject the medication. After removing the needle, press the injection site with a dry cotton swab.
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