You will need
  • Pen, notebook
Locate the "starting point". The topic about which you reflected recently, a memory, an episode from the life from which you would like to start the story about myself.
Write the first draft all the thoughts that arise in connection with this topic. Do not try to correctly formulate a phrase or find a beautiful expression – just fix the "stream of consciousness".
After some time (20-30 minutes) reread the record. Highlight they key points. This is the basis for your essay. Position these pieces as the points and try to change their sequence. Select the order that matches the logic of the development of the theme – it may be the chronology or thematic mapping blocks of text. Importantly, for the reader to understand that what and why should be in your narrative.
Then work on each block separately: cleaned up phrase from the point of view of style, cut the excess and add transitions from one thought to another. Such transitions can be built logically or emotionally, and all of a sudden, but some connection, at least on an emotional level, should attend. Look for unusual wording, images, and allusions. Use examples of art as "images" animating text.
Proofread and listen to your feelings. Because the genre of the essay is based on reflection, it is the attention to yourself will help you to write a complete text.