Advice 1: How to tell about yourself in the contest (the casting)?

The story about myself on the competition or casting - this is a good opportunity to show himself to the public with the best hand. At this point, it is important not to get lost, to maintain composure and be really sincere and open. A great story needs to represent your strengths and distinctive features.
How to tell about yourself in the contest (the casting)?

How to create a text of presentation

So beautiful and original way to introduce yourself in advance to prepare. The text of the future presentation is pre-write on paper and carry it with you as an interesting idea may come to mind almost any time. When drafting the text of the presentation primarily should be aware that it needs to be fairly brief, but informative. Remember that the story should describe you and not some abstract girlfriend. Think about what sets you apart from others, what unique characteristics and qualities you possess.
When the story about your strengths, the main thing is not to hesitate, but at the same time, should not cross the fine line of showing off.

Talking about its advantages, don't be pustoslovny, backed their claims short stories from life, well, if they will bring a smile. You can also talk about their plans for the future and what you have already achieved.

To emphasize even the most standard of the content of your presentation may be the original form of presentation, for example, if you write poetry - sherifmuire the text of your speech, but if it refers to your ability to dance or to sing, support your words with deeds, execute a small piece of a beautiful dance or a song. Such surprises are usually well accepted by the audience, and immediately distinguish you from other applicants.

It is not necessary to memorize the prepared text of the view, strictly by rote, then during the performance you will look very unnatural. Composed text rather should serve as a kind of benchmark, which you will be able to adhere to during the performance. You might want to change it, focusing on new information, or just a little embellishment, adding a sparkling joke just came to mind.

How to talk about themselves at the competition

During a story on the competition is important to maintain composure while remaining as honest and open.
While the story doesn't forget to use the main weapon of any girl - a smile that can melt the heart of even the most strict of the public.

Speak clearly, distinctly and loud, try not to rush, but not to delay words. Avoid monotony, in advance train yourself to speak with proper intonation. If in ordinary life you love to gesticulate, do not forbid yourself this during a speech as this will give you uniqueness and will help to be remembered to the audience.

Advice 2: How to tell about yourself briefly

It is important to be able to talk about yourself with a few phrases. Moreover, the story must be different from the similar stories of others. You can arrange to play together, to understand the effectiveness of your story. This skill will come in handy during the phone interview when they meet at seminars and in other situations where you have to leave yourself a lasting impression. To achieve this effect, you should be prepared in advance.
Get ready to say about yourself is most important
Write 30 sentences about yourself in the past. Sentences should be short and specific. Describe what you have achieved. Remember the achievements in different spheres of life - in education, sports, leadership. Write down what tools you own, the books which topics you have read, what foreign languages studied. Add a phrase about how you were in nature in childhood, adolescence. Remember that you appreciated what they aim.
Write 30 sentences about yourself in the present. Specify your current goals, dreams, character traits. Try to look at ourselves.
Write 30 sentences about yourself in the future. Imagine that you are already there. Describe how you feel, what new goals to set.
Print all listings on the printer. You should get 90 or more sentences, printed one under the other.
Cut the list into strips. On each strip of paper should be only one sentence.
Shuffle the strips. Let's mix past, present and future.
Lay the strips into 3 groups. What these groups are "Very important", "General information", "you Can forget".
Do not discard any offers, save them for the future. Depending on the purpose of the story about yourself, you once want to lay out proposals on groups differently. Something will be important, and something will be set aside as irrelevant.
Tell us about yourselfusing a group of "Very important". If in this group there were too many sentences, select the most important. Well practice your story.
Each person has strengths and weaknesses. If you are prone to self-criticism, leave it for personal work. When preparing a story about yourself, focus on strengths.
Useful advice
Write the completed story in a notebook and set aside for 2-3 weeks. During this time, you will forget it, and then read "fresh eyes".

Advice 3: How to behave on a casting

Beginners model, preparing himself for a brilliant career, make a lot of mistakes on the way to fame. One of the most important stages on this way is casting. And need to prepare for his passage, to eliminate unpleasant surprises and try to pass it without error, inexcusable for the future stars of the catwalk.
How to behave on a casting
First, gather all information on the upcoming casting, to arrive at the best course of action and interest of the jury in person. Find out where it will be held, what time, what is the specialization of casting, who selects models. For example, for the runway we need some models for photoshoots and other. In addition? need to find out the preferences of the designers, models, features collection.
Prepared thus, you will be able to avoid unnecessary excitement and to be prepared for the unexpected decisions of the judges. Knowledge gives you confidence, and this is extremely important for the successful passage of the casting. It is important to demonstrate poise, not typical of novice restraint or shocking.
Come to the audition on time or a little earlier to get ready. Meet other girls, try to make friends. Your friendliness, but not obtrusive, also can be marked by the jury. Act natural. It does not allow liberties. Flirting is valued at the auditions of a different kind. And here the most important thing that you need to show professionalism. Even assuming that this is your first contest, try to stay as prototype.
Smile and try when possible to demonstrate to the jury your sincerity. In addition, can be useful and your ability (acting, dance, etc.). Here, in addition to showing a portfolio, you may be asked to conduct a self-presentation. Show the best of what I can do and tell us about yourself that may be important for this profession (foreign languages, communication skills, etc.).
Pay attention to the atmosphere of the casting. There is always a working environment. Do not break her phone conversations or loud laughter. Be careful not to miss the invitation in room safe. Missing a turn, you canbesmiling without invitation or cause irritation of the judges. Respect these people as their opponents. That is, behave professionally, and you will succeed.
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