Advice 1: How to tell about yourself in the contest (the casting)?

The story about myself on the competition or casting - this is a good opportunity to show himself to the public with the best hand. At this point, it is important not to get lost, to maintain composure and be really sincere and open. A great story needs to represent your strengths and distinctive features.
How to tell about yourself in the contest (the casting)?

How to create a text of presentation

So beautiful and original way to introduce yourself in advance to prepare. The text of the future presentation is pre-write on paper and carry it with you as an interesting idea may come to mind almost any time. When drafting the text of the presentation primarily should be aware that it needs to be fairly brief, but informative. Remember that the story should describe you and not some abstract girlfriend. Think about what sets you apart from others, what unique characteristics and qualities you possess.
When the story about your strengths, the main thing is not to hesitate, but at the same time, should not cross the fine line of showing off.

Talking about its advantages, don't be pustoslovny, backed their claims short stories from life, well, if they will bring a smile. You can also talk about their plans for the future and what you have already achieved.

To emphasize even the most standard of the content of your presentation may be the original form of presentation, for example, if you write poetry - sherifmuire the text of your speech, but if it refers to your ability to dance or to sing, support your words with deeds, execute a small piece of a beautiful dance or a song. Such surprises are usually well accepted by the audience, and immediately distinguish you from other applicants.

It is not necessary to memorize the prepared text of the view, strictly by rote, then during the performance you will look very unnatural. Composed text rather should serve as a kind of benchmark, which you will be able to adhere to during the performance. You might want to change it, focusing on new information, or just a little embellishment, adding a sparkling joke just came to mind.

How to talk about themselves at the competition

During a story on the competition is important to maintain composure while remaining as honest and open.
While the story doesn't forget to use the main weapon of any girl - a smile that can melt the heart of even the most strict of the public.

Speak clearly, distinctly and loud, try not to rush, but not to delay words. Avoid monotony, in advance train yourself to speak with proper intonation. If in ordinary life you love to gesticulate, do not forbid yourself this during a speech as this will give you uniqueness and will help to be remembered to the audience.

Advice 2 : How to tell about yourself during the interview right

Before the interviews many of us experience anxiety. Even a good specialist is not always able to share their knowledge and skills correctly. In addition, sometimes it happens that the HR managers ask are not exactly the questions and answers that really will show us their best. However, there are a few rules that help structure the conversation in the interview.
How to tell about yourself during the interview right
Imagine yourself in the place of your potential employer. He needs, for example, to find a lawyer on projects in the field of real estate transactions with experience of three years or more. He may be the most important? First, what real estate transactions the candidate has worked? There are lawyers, who for many years engaged in roughly the same (say, support of transactions on the real estate leases), and there are those who gradually worked with different types of such transactions. Secondly, it is important in what companies you worked for. It is no secret that there are companies that are highly traded in the market, and there are some which from serious the employer may cause only a smile. Surely the employer has viewed your resume before the interview, but he can't remember everything. It is necessary to tell.
There are other important points. Of great importance are the results of your work, your achievements. About them it is necessary to tell, making sure, however, that it didn't look like bragging. Be sure to mention if you have references from former employers, since many employers are interested in this.
If you have studied or interned abroad, it is necessary to mention. Even if education or training is not very useful at the workplace, the presence of additional diploma will show the applicant as the person ambitious and goal-oriented.
In most cases, the employer will be sufficiently interested in the personal aspects of your life - for example, if you are married, have children, what are your Hobbies. You should not fear this or be considered invasion of privacy. These questions can be really important: applicant with young kids will often ask to let her go early from work or take time off, but if work schedule in the company of intense, frequent processing, the employer would not be profitable to let go of her often, as she will not be comfortable in such company. The lie here is irrelevant.
The right to talk about yourself for a job interview means not only to correctly answer questions but also ask your. First, it is important for the applicant: it is better to know more about the company and work in it. Second, the employer will make a good impression applicant actively interested in the company and the job, and not one who will come of sitting for a set period of time.
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