You will need
  • -the scenario of the event;
  • -tasks for the contestants;
  • -prizes for the winners;
  • -incentive prizes.
Training of professional competition it is best to begin early in the year and connect to implementation of this project, several divisions of the company, that this process is not dragged on for a long period.
Develop a draft Provision on carrying out competition "Best in profession". Connect to the work of the Department or the public relations commit his staff to identify and compile a list of professions that will participate in the competition. Establish the composition of the Commission, which will assess the skill of experts, set date of the tender.
Inform on carrying out competition "Best in profession" of the company's employees and guide the collection of applications for participation. To perform this function identify a few people who will be engaged in the dissemination of information about the imminent launch of the competition on the internal company website, on the pages of corporate newspaper, magazine, or other information resource of the company.
Assign responsibility for collecting and processing applications from potential bidders. Enlist the support of heads of departments of the company and ask them to encourage employees to submit applications. Acceptance of applications will stop three weeks prior to the competition and take this time to prepare participants for the contest.
Plan and prepare prizes for the winners. Such awards can be: silver badges with the logo of the company, cash awards, certificates and diplomas. Do not forget about the winners, prepare the prizes, given their quality, usefulness and versatility.
Divide the contest into two stages. The first will include theoretical test tasks for check, both General and special professional knowledge. The second swipe as practical and ask contestants to perform tasks to test their professional skills.
After these two phases allow time for scoring and summarizing the results of the special Committee. On the basis of scoring will determine the winners. Hand prizes.