Decide the number of verses. Someone they can be a lot, someone will make a collage of poetic fragments. Both can be a winning option if you time to figure out which method is better suited to the competition in General, and to your it performance in particular. People can come up with one short verse and firmly attract the attention of the audience, the other will be to bat long and tedious, yet it will not throw rotten tomatoes.
Content of poems must be linked to the concept of ongoing competition. It is clear, from this and the coming competitor when looking for suitable work. Harder to make the poems accurately convey your perspective, your goals, your nature. An artistic image must match the image that you create for the contest.
Another problem related to the content of the poems is that often the contestants choose poems doubtful obscure authors, full of "jokes humor" that no one except the author, to understand and appreciate not can. Better the competition so as not to risk if it is certainly not a competition for the most stupid joke. Humor - something explosive: or raise you on a pedestal, or overthrow in the abyss of shame. Be careful with it.
Often it is not what the verses are, but how you read them. If poetry is not for you if in school you always read the poems, as the speaker sports news - hurry up, you only get out of here, then it's probably best to put aside the idea of self-presentation in poems. Prefer traditional greeting. But if you are a great rhetorician and orator, to understand the tone and know the basics of acting, then your performance will surely make a favorable impression.
However, be careful and do not replay. Tighten poems inspirational people, and a participant can forget about everything, fascinated by the wonderful style of the selected poems. To avoid such situation, always keep in mind the following things: the place where you are now, the goal you are pursuing, means that you have chosen to achieve this goal. Be cold internally and wield themselves. Then you will succeed.