You will need
  • thermometer;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil:
  • calculator.
To find the average daily temperature of external air, take an ordinary outdoor thermometer. For the characteristics of the climate are quite accurate, is it 1°. In Russia for this measurement used the scale of Celsius, but in some other countries the temperature can be measured and Fahrenheit. In any case, it is necessary for measurements to apply the same device, or at least different, but with exactly the same scale. It is highly desirable that the thermometer was believed to reference.
Take readings at equal intervals of time. This can be done, for example, at 0 hours, 6, 12 and 18. There are other intervals—, 4, 3, 2 hours or even hourly. It is necessary to carry out measurements in the same conditions. Hang the thermometer so that even in the hottest day time, he was in the shadows. Count and record how many times you looked at a thermometer. At the weather station monitoring is usually carried out after 3 hours ie 8 times per day.
Add up all the readings. Divide the resulting amount by the number of observations. This will be the average temperature. The situation may arise where some readings will be positive and others negative. Summarize them the same way as any other negative number. Adding two negative numbers, find the sum of the modules and put a minus in front of it. Under the action of positive and negative number subtract from the larger number and put the lesser before the result the sign of the larger number.
To find the average day and night temperature, determine when in your area come noon and midnight at the astronomical clock. Maternity leave and the summer slipped these moments, and noon in Russia begins in 14 hours, not 12. For the average night temperature calculate the moments for six hours until midnight and by the same time after him, there will be 20 and 8 hours. Two more time when you need to look at the thermometer — 23 and 5 hours. Read, add the results and divide the sum by the number of measurements. Similarly, determine the average daily temperature.
Calculate the average temperature. Fold the average daily readings for the month and divide by the number of days. In the same way we can calculate the average values for day and night temperatures.
If the observations are conducted systematically for several years, it is possible to calculate a climate normal for each particular day. Fold average daily temperature for a number of a month for several years. Amount divide by the number of years. In the future it will be possible to compare the average temperature to this value.