You will need
  • - video cable.
Usually laptops have two additional outputs: VGA and HDMI. Given the existence of a huge variety of adapters to connect the laptop to almost any modern TV. Of course, it is recommended to use a digital TV video signal transmission, because this will ensure best picture quality. Purchase a suitable set of cables and adapters.
Connect the video card on the laptop with a selected connector on the TV. Turn on your computer and TV. Wait until the download is complete operating system. Now, open the settings menu of the TV. Select the port that you have connected to the laptop. Assign it to the primary receiver signal.
Now open on the laptop control panel and select "appearance and personalization". Open the "Connect external display". It should be located in the menu "Display". Press the "Find" button, located next to a graphic picture of the laptop screen. Determine wait for an additional monitor.
Now select the display which will be the main. In this case, it is recommended to use the laptop screen. Activate "Make this main display". Select synchronous operation of the TV with a laptop. If you want to get the identical image on both screens, then select "Duplicate screen".
Typically use the setting "Extend this screen". Activation of this function enables you to simultaneously perform different tasks on the screens of TV and laptop. Note that if you followed a connection on channel HDMI-HDMI, you will need an additional cable to transfer sound to the TV. When using the HDMI channel, be sure to configure the settings for the sound adapter.