How to disassemble the toilet tank

Disassembly of CD begins with the tank. First shut off water and drain is pressed until the complete emptying of the tank. Unscrew the button to drain the water, which are usually plastic and screwed very easy, so in this process no tools needed.

Fingers pressed against the rim that protrudes above the reservoir cap. Followed by counterclockwise rotation, to the complete unscrewing. And here's the cover from the tank already in his hands.

From the reservoir detaches and fittings for water. Water connection to the reservoir can be side or bottom. To loosen the hose will need a normal spanner or wrench.

Removing the flexible hose of a supply of water that fell rubber gasket selected. If it is not damaged at an early tightening of the nuts are saved along with the hose. When re-mounting the CD, you may need a gasket replacement.

Twisting the hose with one hand, hold the valve with your other hand. After disconnecting the flexible supply, Unscrew the clamping nut that secures the drain fixture to the capacity of the CD.

Pressure nut most plastic and easily come off. Prolonged use of the toilet hard nut can be removed by hand, then used a pipe wrench.

Followed by disconnecting the tank from the bowl. The tank to the bowl is secured by two bolts and unscrewed. The mounting bolts can be plastic or steel. Plastic bolts are easily removed, and the iron can rust and remove them is almost impossible.

If an iron bolt is not Unscrew, use a hacksaw, which bolts neatly sawn in the space between the bowl and the tank. It is important not to damage the landing strip between them.

Drain valve fixed plastic nut on the bottom of the tank. The decision to remove its fittings by unscrewing adheres to the second hand.

The dismantling of the bowl

The success of the process of dismantling the bowl is depending on the age of the toilet, the way to cement it in place and type of sewer. The neighbors are aware of and dismantling works to ensure the inactivity of the Sewerage system.

At the bottom of the bowl has bolts to secure it to the floor, they can be covered with plastic "hats". They Unscrew with a wrench.

Often bowls during the initial installation vmurovyvayut in concrete screed on the floor. If so, then the space around, floor tiles and filling, removed his hand with a percussion drill or hammer. Bounces the surface gently, so that the process was not traumatic for earthenware.

In order not to damage the lid of the toilet, it is removed. Nut fasteners are located under the rear seat on the bowl.

Disconnecting the toilet from the sewer pipe

The next step is most crucial. Disconnect the drain trap from the sewer pipe. Often from the sewers can drain the remnants of the waters. You should get buckets and rags.

Carefully preserves the integrity of the drain on the bowl. The junction of the bowl with the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned of sealant, grout, sealers and other foreign matter.

If the toilet is connected to the system through the trap or "corrugation", then the connector is removed from a sewer pipe. The withdrawal is cleared from the remnants of "corrugations" and sealant.

It happens that the porcelain drain reunited with the system directly. In this case, the bowl is gripped with two hands and slightly lifted. Examined how moves freely faience in the sewer pipe. Lightly scroll and shaking, pulled out the withdrawal.

It is worth noting that imported domestic plumbing somewhat more complicated in design. Before dismantling of the bowl, is to make sure there is open anchorage and assessed the method of installation of the CD. If there is no confidence in the future preservation of the integrity of the system, it is better to use the services of professional masters.