Causes vibration of the washing machine

For the strong vibration of the machine when spinning linen, reaching to offset it, there may be several reasons. First of all, it is not enough reliable support of the unit on the floor. This could be the case if the floor flexes, it is uneven, or feet of the machine came loose and is no longer able to keep it straight and steady. Another reason for strong vibrations – this is not shot in time of the transport fixture, which rigidly fixes the drum inside the machine.

Common cause of excessive vibration during operation of the washing machine may be the wear of its bearings or a malfunction of shock-absorbers.

Washing machine jumps during the spin cycle.

If the cause of the shaking is not enough smooth and durable floor under your car, maybe better to move or to enclose under it something more stable – suitable pair of wide tiles of granite, for example. Check the legs of the machine – if they are properly adjusted in height, then fix it. In that case, if the legs become loose over time, tighten the fasteners with which they are fixed on the body of the machine; if necessary, additionally fix them with lock nuts.

In that case, if not filmed transporting device to prevent the shaking of the drum inside the machine during transportation, vibration and shaking will be particularly strong. This device must be removed before operation. If you have difficulty in determining how it looks and where it is, consult someone who understands this.

Sometimes the appearance of shaking and vibration of the machine when working is that linen was sloppy, one lump abandoned her drum. In this case violated the uniformity of load of the machine, which causes its vibration. In order to solve this problem, stop the spin cycle and separate the pieces of Laundry from each other, then continue the wash. If the machine is simply overloaded, that is, exceeded the maximum allowable weight loaded in her underwear, divide it into several cycles of washing.

But if the vibration of the washing machine can't correct yourself?

The destruction of shock absorbers, dampers and counterweights causing the shaking and moving of the washing machine during the spin cycle. To determine the fault of these parts and replace them with a new specialist, so if other causes of vibration have not been identified, refer to the master.