You first need to create a legal entity, to recruit staff, buy equipment and open a Bank account, then get possession of the quarry and to issue the license. When licensing of sand mining or stone is given the form of the state sample, and the application, where the listed species, or activities that the organization performs. License for sand mining is valid for 5 years, although the period can be extended, if all conditions and not to violate the requirements.
Rent career is inexpensive, but the official ownership of the quarry – good business. Some part of the natural quarries listed for some firms in the property, the other part is leased, and a pretty impressive part of the natural quarries remains an orphan. But do not forget that the use of subsoil according to the law is not on the basis of a contract renting land, and on the basis of a license.
Licenses for extraction of minerals, including sand and stone, are sold at auctions which are held quite rare. To purchase a license, you need to spend a lot of time and to collect a wide variety of securities. But, for example, sand, in contrast to other minerals can be extracted in water, and not just on land. In rivers to do that much easier as do not need to issue and dig a quarry.
The extraction of minerals of local importance with the use of technical means, which are likely to result in negative environmental changes should be coordinated with the Ministry of environmental protection and local authorities.
The right to use the subsurface area that contains mineral deposits and subsoil areas used for the operation and construction of underground structures, is provided not only by conducting auctions and tenders, and in some cases is earmarked.
The subsoil user, who has received permission, has the exclusive right to subsoil use under the license, and any activity carried out within the mining lease may be exercised only with the consent of the authorized user.
Land users and landowners within their land can produce for household needs and household needs minerals total depth up to 2 meters without a license.